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Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/2/10
WAII~! Glad to see you all made it! Minna get registered so we can make new friends together! Ah-!

Rules to Remember:
~You should have a membership card before applying
~You MUST apply here AND have your application approved by CHERRYGURL or SK8ING_CAT before you can begin role-playing
~ONE CHARACTER PER PERSON (having multiple personalities is counted as more than one character >_>)
~NO MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES (unless this is one of your two abilities)
~Keep in mind that your characters must all be human and is NOT invincible, undead, or anything else
~Your character is allowed to have another form (eg. demon, vampire, etc.) ONLY if shape-shifting is one ability
~You can add things to your character's history as you'd like after being accepted, but you must post requests for changes to abilities in the "member scoreboard" forum

Do note, that besides the username, everything else is referring to your character and not you.

Personality: (at least one paragraph)
Bio: (at least two paragraphs)
Position in clan: (it's a first come first serve unless there is a fight for the position and we deem you to be good enough)
Appearance: (in spoiler, you can use a description or a picture)
Other Information:
Clan you would prefer: (you are likely not to go into that clan, this is just a preference so we know if it is equal or not, this is elemental clans)

*Max is two powers in addition to your clan's element (to see what powers each clan has click here)
**No GodModing. That means you can't be invincible, have unbeatable powers, instant killing(or KO). Also, try not to have contact with animals.
***It is better if your powers are NOT related to the elements, that way if you are fighting against an enemy that is using your weaknss, you'll have SOMETHING else to use (eg. fire, fight water with a sword instead of FIRE)

~PM me if you want to be a important person in the RP~
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22 / F / Canada
Posted 6/1/10 , edited 6/1/10
Username: cherrygurl
Name: Danielle Fell
Nickname(s): Danny, Elle, Ellie,
Age: 14 turning 15
Personality: She is smart and hates people who think they are all that or think they are the best. She loves the color purple and if anyone says anything bad about the color, she beats them up with her fists. She also loves anything that is sweet and cute looking.
Powers: She has telekinesis, which is moving things with her mind. She cannot move anything over 220 pounds. 2nd power: Is yet to know
Bio: She had three brothers, two older and the other was younger, he was her twin brother. One day when they were playing at the park when they were ten, (soccer) the ball was kicked into and the woods and he went to get it and her never came back. Her mother died the same year, five months after. when her oldest brother was 20, he was sent to war against his will.
Position in clan: Mayors daughter
Weapons: Bow And Arrow, when the arrow hits a living target, it will burst into flames.
Appearance: She has blondish bronzeish hair, up to her waist. She has bright green eyes and is very tall, about 5'9
Other Information: she believes her brother is alive
Clan: Fire (I can choose, I am the creator :P)
BTW I am also Kirov and if her brother really is alive, maybe I'll be him too
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