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Posted 6/2/10 , edited 6/3/10
If you are new to the group, then you have to start here and introduce yourself to your fellow vampire fans and brethren

You Have To Include:





Abilities(if any):

Other Info:
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22 / F
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hey guys i'm yuyu. I'm 14. i like: blood, the rain, the dark, screamo, and blood...wait i said that. lol. I hate when it's really hot, math, country, vamp haters >:( I am a trained ninja assassin, i'm super fast, i sing a hypnotic song to stun my enemies, and yeah. Yeah that's it i guess. I'm not afraid to take a bite, so you feel free too.
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Name: Josh/Vlad

Age(Optional): 15

Likes: vampires, music, video games

Dislikes: fakers, liars, oppressors, bullies, school

Abilities(if any): Flying, super speed, super strength, super healing, impervious to injuries and pain, immortality

Other Info: I am half vampire and half hybrid wolf
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Posted 6/6/10 , edited 6/6/10
Name: Amelia Evans

Age(Optional): 15

Likes: Guys, Anime, Anything Sweet, Blood :D

Dislikes: Sluts, Bitches,Fakers ,Liars, School,Anything Spicy, D:

Abilities(if any): S.E.C.R.E.T

Other Info:
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Name: Callista
Age: 13
Likes: Sweets, Weapons, Stuffed Animals, Fruit, Animals, Anime, Blood, KHR, My Computer, Spicy Stuff, Hot Baths
Dislikes: School, Meanies, Bitter Food, Home Work, Lame Non-Anime Cartoons, Filthy/Dirty People
Abilities: Can see Spirits, Has Super Senses, Can communicate with animals
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21 / M / Canada
Posted 6/30/10 , edited 7/3/10
Age:Unknown (Younger Rather Than Older.)
Likes:Animals, Video Games, Anime, Manga, Computers,pokemon, cold, lots more stuff.
Dislikes:Animal Haters, N00bs, Homework,School, Heat, humans, haircuts, Lots more stuff
Abilities: Can teleport, Can communicate with animals, can see the future.
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26 / F / alone....
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my name is kayln
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27 / F / In Your Dreams, B...
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Name: Yuki/Togi or Yugi (pronounce U + G)

Age(Optional): 18+

Likes: anything and everthing that has to do with being a vampire

Dislikes: pink flamingoes

Abilities(if any): writing: this includes the future, past, or present. I write it all 'cause I know it all! I am also super strong and super fast!

Other Info: I want to suck all of your blood! I dare you to run since it is always funner that way!
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