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YO GUYS!! the title says it all~! just tell us an AMAZING cheat strategy to use during tests, exams or quizes!! xDD the person who says THE BEST STRATEGY wins!! JOIN THE CONTEST PEOPLE~!!!


-No copying ideas from other contestants.
-Be creative.
-Dont bother getting pissed of if people use ur ideas in real life for ACTUAL tests and exams and stuff cause people will WANT to use your strategy if you say it here in the forum.
-The winner gets to choose which Prize does he/she wants (only 2)
-NO bad mouthing


-2 aviis with your username on it!
-An Anime fansign made by Kame// dazw
-Animated Support Icon and Banner Made by Haruko// lavender_hime

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Posted 6/6/10 , edited 6/6/10
i'm first...
1. if you have a smart friend/cousin that sit infront of you, i must persuasive him/her to want to have a team work with you. so when you can't do something, you can touch his/her sholder then he/she'll take his/her paper up. and.. it's work!! my friend try it and he got good marks!! XD

2. you can provide driking bottle *the one that sell in your canteen (ex.mineral bottle)*. make sure you sit around people that want to be in your cheating group, then if you can't do the test, you can take the bottle and write using marker there, if you already finish, you can erase it with tissue. i'm sure it works ^^ but, u still need to be so carefull
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