[CONTEST] Asian Music!
Posted 6/3/10 , edited 6/3/10

SUP~!? wheee~!! this is a contest where u SHARE any number of asian music!! [ONLY ASIAN. like j-pop and k-pop] the person who shares the MOST number of songs, WINS!


-Please share GOOD songs with us! they should be catchy and stuff~
-If ur gonna tell a song(s), number them and PLEASE PUT THE ARTIST'S NAME AND THE SONG'S NAME.
{{ex : SHINee - Ring ding dong}}
-TELL ALOT OF SONGS IN ONE POST. [[edit your post if your'e gonna add more songs to it]]
-The winner gets to choose which Prize does he/she wants (only 2)


-2 banners, 1 avii with ur username on it.
-Fansign made by Kame// dazw
-Anime Drawing made by Kame// dazw
-Matching Avatars Made by Haruko// lavender_hime

Contest Ends On June 16!! x3
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