[Contest] School is OVER!! Summer is here!!
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OH MY GOSH !! School is almost out! But wait, isn't there all those sweet and bitter moments of this school year?!
Send in a story (along with a gfx) to see which person has the BEST and the WORST school
year in the whole Crunchyroll!! Simply Fill out this form:

Good or Bad:

Title the PM as TNG School Memories, The Good/Bad
There will be 3 judges and the deadline is June 24th, 12:00am EST so hurry up!!
The person who has the best story will get prizes from the creator!! PM the creator, furybaby to submit your entry!!

First Place: (The Good/Bad Memories Count!)

Second Place:

Third Place:

Honorable Mention:

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Good or Bad: good
Username: amuami
Nickname: Sophia and Kylie
Story: it was the last day of school (10th JUne) and from 1st june onwards school finishes and 12:15 pm so it was really hot that day! Malta is over heated in summer so we walked from the school to the beach! (about a 1km far) We asked mum and she said it's ok. Our friend Hailey told us to go by her house first coz she wanted to give us last day gifts! (we do that every year!) She gave us matching beach bags! Sophia's bag is blue and mine is lime green! The she put on the swim suit and went to my house.We called mum but she didn't answer! We went in the yard near the pool and there was all our friends in the classes of this year! Mum knew how much we loved this yeah so she through and pool party!! xD You rock mum!!
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Posted 6/25/10 , edited 6/26/10
Good or Bad: Good
Username: hanami_chan
Nickname: Rika
Story: It was the day when I officially graduated from my junior high, on May. Also the last day I gathered with all my schoolmates. We really enjoyed that night with cheers & laughter. Some of us also cried as it's too hard for them for leaving all those good things after 3 years. But for me all that matter was spend that night as good as I can with my friends. We took photographs, chatted, played, & laughed together like we always did in school. I knew we can all still contact each other with all those technologies we have in this time, but I can't always meet them in person. I'll attend different senior high, much to seperate me with most of my friends. But I know wherever we are, we're always together in heart.
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Good or Bad: GOOD//FUNNY
Username: lollipop_sweetz
Nickname: amu-chi/ hikari-chan
Cynthia, Sunny, Sharon, Susu, Sophia And Me of course

soo we [cynthia,sunny, sharon and I] were bored to death at recess time. just sitting and talking until we saw Susu and her other friends talking so we came up to her and asked her what music she hated. reply: Justin Bieber songs and Lady Gaga. So we sang Baby // One Time really loud. so she scream and ran but we followed^^. then when we sang and Susu stopped in front of guys just minding their business. Babya line said. i'll buy you anything, i'll buy you any ring girl... and I knelt down and got a fake ring and the guys were like.. WHT THE... and we stopped going after her and going after Sophia and yet again sang One Time which made her scream like a maniac and like the teachers were staring at us and giving us a look but we didn't care so we so we sang EVEN LOUDER!HAHA and later when i was talking to Sharon i asked her if she knew the song Don't Trust Meand she did. and I was like.:

Black Dress with the tights underneath i got the breath of my last CELERY in my teeth and she's an actress[echo]*actress* but she ain't

Got no needs, she's got money from her grammy in her trust funds back East .

cuz she's a vegetarian and she mostly hangs out with her grandmoher cuz her mother's not usually home

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>END OF THIS STORY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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