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In case you all didn't know yet, Kei's dad is named "Satoru"

Hikari is rushing to the hospital. Why you ask? It's because she was
informed that Satoru was in the hospital. When she gets to the room
he's in, she sees a couple of nurses dressing him up as a girl^^. The
other S.A students, along with Sui, are there as well. He had a little
accident and broke his leg (both Sui and Kei pester their dad about
it^^)The problem is this: Satoru wants Kei to take care of him, but Kei
does not want to. Then Satoru blackmails Kei by saying this (not exact
translation), "If you do it, then I won't tell everyone KEI'S SECRET!"

Kei can't refuse now that his dad has blackmailed him. Hikari also
wants to take care of him, so she starts up a competition with Kei. She
tries to peel an apple for him, but ends up completely stabbing the
thing to death^^. Kei grabs an apple and cuts it perfectly. He then
tells his dad, "Here...say ahhhh" (LOL><) Look and observe Satoru's
facial expression as he eats it^^ Kei tells Hikari good luck...Number 2.

Hikari says that if she can't do an apple, thn she'll do an orange.
Then Hikari askes Kei if it's really not fine to be informed about his
sercet. Kei says so, but says he'll tell her if she accepts this (this:
apple slice). He tells her "say ahhhh", but she chomps down on his
entire hand and refuses^^.

The next day or so, Satoru is being taken care of by just about
everybody. Kei thinks that his dad is getting too better, so he
performs a technique on him that causes him to forget everything^^(more
LOL...evil Kei). He goes to do it again, but it cuts the scene...

Meanwhile, everyone is curious to know what Kei's secret is. Even Sui
is in on the action! He says he's going to go look in Kei's room and
leaves them.

That night, Kei looks at a picture of him and his dad from long ago and
sees his indifferent face.

The next day, Hikari goes to visit Satoru again. He's lifting weights
just like he did back in the day when he trained for pro-wrestling. He
also tells Hikari that back when Kei was very young and still had not
taken up pro-wrestling, he would watch him train and would
say, "Father, you're amazing." But those days are long past and he's
accepted that. Just then, Kei stomps into the room, grabs his dad's
head and askes, "What did you tell her?" in an angry tone. Hikari looks
at Kei who really does look angry, but then he turns and smiles at her.
he says they should go somewhere together...

It turns out that the place they go to is a fast food restaurant. Kei
askes her what's wrong and she askes if the secret he has is something
he wants to say but won't because it's a problem (makes Kei jerk and
almost spill his drink^^). Hiari says it's not about Kei's dad either.
He says he's just worrying about his dad...

The next day, Sakura, Akira, and Megumi all confront Satoru asking what
Kei's secret is (kya~ they all look scary~). It turns out that Kei
performed the unique technique to jog his memory again, so he answers
that he doesn't know. Sakura dashes toward him and with a menacing aura
and tries to force it out of him.

Kei is just about to say that he can reveal it, but then Sui barges in
and tells everyone he has found Kei's secret. He throws a bunch of
pictures in the air. They all see what the pictures are. heh...they are
pictures of Hikari. Kei tells them that he got them from Aoi.

KEI: We are the After School Hanazono Club.

(When Kei says that, we readers see Aoi smiling and waving in the

Satoru takes a look through the pictures and askes Sui if he looked
through Kei's room to find them all. He tells Sui that he can't just go
and expose that sort of thing. Then the others kinda get the impression
that he didn't know this either. Then he admits he didn't know his
secret at all to begin with^^. Kei, who has had to help him against his
will all this time, suddenly releases a huge amount of evil aura and
proceeds to finish him off^^ (No, but that is what it looks like!)

Satoru tells him he did this because he didn't want Kei to go to work.
He's always asking him to do work for him, but he wanted to give him
this chance to hang out with his friends. He couldn't do anything for
Kei in London, so this was all he could do. Suddenly Kei get
embarrassed and askes, "What...What saying...?"

Hikari sees that Kei is blushing. She finally understands what Kei's
secret is. She whispers to him, "You're really...a Daddy's boy." Kei
turns to her with a "hell no!" look on his face and says that's not

Everyone starts to leave. Kei stays behind and talks with his dad.

KEI: Really, I am a Daddy's boy.

He says that Hikari was able to see it, but doesn't want others to
know. Satoru once again remembers back when Kei was tiny and remembers
him saying, "'re amazing."

Meanwhile, everyone else is just about to leave. But then Hikari bumps
into someone. She apologizes, but the man says it's fine. He also
comments that he's noticed she's been coming every day. He says he's
staying in the room next door to Satoru's. He says the patient must be
happy. Hikari says that it's happy every day.

HIKARI NARRATION: I still didn't know...
...that I would end up...
...meeting this boy in front of me again.

to be continued January 19th...
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Thank you for the spoilers sora-san! I've actually read your Special A journal and wow your really updated!
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Oh my gosh!!Kei is a daddys boy!!hahaha!!thank you sora-sama!!!!!!!!!!i love ur update!!!!!
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