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[News] June 2010
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[Trans] 100612 ARENA37°C – YunHo’s Interview

“Thank you everyone for being able to attend this.”

- Then, lets get straight to the topic. Firstly, describe how you felt about the work after reading the script, and what is the charm of the character Cha Bong Gun.

“Okay. The first time I read the script, I felt that the character (Cha Bong Gun) was really an innocent person. Even though it was tough, even though he faced dead-ends, he always overcame these obstacles; he would work hard with all his life, and through his efforts and belief in himself, he grew and matured. I really wanted to play this character because I felt that there was a lot of similarities in our stands.”

- This is a character who faced many different kinds of problems, for example, the disbanding of the soccer team et cetera; do you have any tough past experiences which you can joke about now?

“Experiences as YunHo? Then it should be the times before my debut, when I was still a trainee. I am only where I am today because I kept working hard while maintaining the thought of ‘When will I be able to debut on stage to sing’. It was the toughest during that period. Furthermore, I lived far away, and it took 4 hours just to travel to and fro, so that was also pretty tough. At that time, I had nothing except for belief in myself, and I got to where I am now based on my passion. In that case, I’m not that much different from Cha Bong Gun.”

- Was there anything you did to create the character, or say immerse yourself in the character that you were playing?

“I was once very into soccer players. The filming period was coincidentally during the a-nation activities. I would practice with the ball backstage, and would also practice the way I walked. All these were done according to the style of Bong Gun.”

- Other than this, impromptu singing and dancing with costumes, you have been through many of such elaborate settings, so how did you feel towards acting?

“Through playing Bong Gun’s character, I learnt a lot of new experiences. For example in the scene where I donned on a chicken costume for my job, that is something I don’t usually do. To me, these new experiences are all very precious. To be able to reflect as another person is not just work to me, but it’s closely related to my own life and my growth [as a person].”


- We heard there was a huge number of fans who entered the filming scene, and there were a lot of people who acted as the masses.

“Yes, I was very happy. The fans gave me a lot of strength. Also, the staff told me, ‘you really have very good fans’.”

- It is probably very pressurizing debuting in your first drama series; share with us your feelings about being an actor.

“There is definitely some differences between an artiste and an actor. While you work as an actor, there will be many staff on the set whom you are meeting for the first time, so I would want to interact with them as I finish filming episode 1 to episode 16 smoothly. Moreover, this is the first time I am taking the main lead, and although I had gradually developed some acting skills through being in variety programmes in the past, the atmosphere [on the set] is completely different. It was very pressurizing in the beginning. But I thought to myself, if I work hard, then I will be able to express my intentions to everyone. Thus I completed the filming by working very hard, by being very focused, and by enjoying it thoroughly.

An artiste would need to express a lot of things in about three minutes (of the duration of a song). I think an actor needs to do the complete opposite. An actor needs to maintain a rhythm like that of breathing, and through the entire process from the beginning till the end, express happiness and pain. This is what is different from being an artiste.”

- In the process of acting, in which areas do you think you have matured in?

“This time it was the very innocent and pure Bong Gun, who slowly matured through the process of meeting many people. Like I have mentioned before, this part grew along with me as a person and in my own life. I have also experienced many things I have never been through before. The filming might have ended, but Bong Gun still exists in my heart, and if the character of Bong Gun can continue to stay in everyone’s mind as time passes, I would be happy. I also want to work hard to try out other works, something that is a complete 100% change from Bong Gun, and challenge different types of characters.”

- In the future, as both an actor and singer, which will be your focus? Do you have any plans which you intend to carry out?

“Frankly speaking, I have been a singer for 5, 6 years now, and to say ‘I prefer acting’ would be a lie. However, this time I experienced a charm that is different from being an artiste, and I would like to work hard on it properly. Of course not just in being an actor alone, but I would also want to improve my standards in every other aspect, and that is the YunHo I want to be.”

- Although there were many highlights in this drama, do still list out some scenes which one must look out for.

“I would still recommend everyone to focus on the scene where we played soccer. In that scene I did not rely on any stand-ins; basically I did everything myself. I would somewhat like to try out something realistic. That was probably the impression I had. It was a scene where I had to perform a high-level skill, and I repeated the scene till I was able to do it properly.”

- There was also a scene in the drama where you performed “Checkmate”.

“It was probably very shocking, right? (laughs)”

- Was this part included in the script initially?

“No, it was not there initially. However, when the director saw the way I danced, he suddenly said to me, ‘That, it’s not bad to do that too.’ (laughs)”

- How did it feel dancing to your own song as your character?

“It was quite embarrassing, to say the truth, but because it was Bong Gun and he needed to sing a new song, so I tried my best to act it out based on that feeling.”

- Performing in a television drama, participating in MJ’s Memorial Concert, you really challenged a lot of things; what other challenges do you have in mind for this year?

“If a good opportunity arises, and if I have faith in myself, I would like to try out everything. My personality is such that even if a good opportunity arises, but I personally feel that ‘it’s still not time’, then I won’t do it. Even if there is opportunity and luck, I still have to work hard myself, grab hold of the opportunity and show a different image of YunHo to everyone.”

- How do you plan to launch your activities from here on?

“I’m still not too clear now. I would probably meet everyone as a singer [still]. After all I am still a singer now (laughs).”

- Lastly, you might feel a bit embarrassed to say this yourself, but what do you think are the charms of YunHo as a solo singer?

“For this, not just as a solo artiste, but it should be in all that I do. Maintaining my passion, working hard, challenging new things, these are probably my charms. But these, like many others, are naturally expected. Every time, every time, [I will aim for] a higher goal, challenge a different image, and continue to work hard. This part is something that I am proud of. I really want to be someone who works hard.”

Source: ARENA37° + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Pic+Trans] 100612 Tohomobile

We’ll do our best!

The first day in Tokyo, we’ll do our best!

To make it a great stage performance, we ask for your hot support!

credit: hatsumii0106
trans by:
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[Trans] 100616 Tohoshinki’s Yuchun Drama Debut! Be Entranced By The Narcissistic Prince

Yuchun, from Tohoshinki, which has paused all activities, had his Japanese drama debut! This was “Beautiful Love ~Kimi ga ireba~,” a BeeTV drama released on 4th of June. He challenges his first acting role sincerely, acting passionately as a prince that makes girls’ hearts beat faster.

Yuchun plays the role of the heir of the Korean conglomerate Taido Group, Yonsu. Determined to fight for his own place in life, he met Hinata (Aya Oomasa) an aspiring novelist and the plot unfolds into a Cinderella love story.

Yonsu, as the title of heir suggests, is selfish and egotistical. With a narcissistic aura, in his eyes, he is above everyone else. But he hates everything about Japan. When he first meets Hinata, he says “Japan is rotten!” and later when she asks for the reason why, he cuts her off, telling her “Never ask that!” Although he is rather tyrannical, he is actually a really kind-hearted youth inside. When Hinata was depressed, he encourages her and tells her to “cheer up” and shows concern when her mother falls, asking “Are you okay?”

This hot-and-cold attitude of Yonsu’s is acted out beautifully by Yuchun. As the heir, when he’s alone, the way his expressions change is mesmerizing. Whether it’s assertive, or naïve, or the fragile prince-like image, he manages to charm all the women. Still, Yuchun was desperately practicing his Japanese, putting the other Japanese boys to shame. It’s hard to believe to that he has no acting experience, as he was very natural.

While being a singer, Yuchun has also embarked on acting activities. It can be said that the first attempt in Japan has done well. Like a dream come true for Japanese women, please enjoy the princely style of Yuchun.

source: [Walker Plus]
translation Credits: [email protected]
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[Trans] 100611 Hanako Interview: Jung Yunho

Born in South Korea on 6 February 1986
Blood type A
Debut in South Korea on 4 January as DBSK
Debut in Japan the following year
Participated in Kōhaku Uta Gassen consecutively for two years (2008, 2009)
Successfully held performances at the Tokyo Dome last year
Performed in the Michael Jackson Memorial LIVE performance jointly held by South Korean in March this year

Debuting as an actor through being the main lead in the television drama [Heading To The Ground], Yunho, who began accumulating new experiences as an actor, is one who has manners, a straightforward attitude, and a maturity that is beyond his age.

“No matter what obstacles I have faced, Bong Gun has given me a lot of encouragement.”

Yunho, who appeared in the studio in high spirits, is just like a gentle breeze in the early fall, emitting a mint-liked flavor that is fresh and sweet. His actions and mannerisms was presentable as always, and he is a youth who excels at everything.

He continues to maintain his perfect body shape, and a smile shines brightly on his small and delicate face.

Despite his outstanding virtues, unexpectedly, in his first step as an actor, he chooses the character of Cha Bong Gun, a simple and average-intellectual soccer player.

“No matter how hard it was, Bong Gun had an attitude of absolute focus on soccer – even if he had nothing, he would continue to work hard while holding on to the dream that someday he would be up on stage, and that resounded strongly with my past when I was still a trainee. I felt that this character could help me to mature too.”

Be in jumping into the sea, or escaping from a fire, such intense, exciting scenes in a drama series are bound to cause worry and anxiety to the fans.

“It was really scary falling into the sea. But because I was still a newcomer in terms of acting, thus I felt that it would be a fortune for me as an actor if I was able to complete every scene on my own. That was why I rejected the suggestion of having a stand-in.”

After spending half a year making every effort to play out the role of Bong Gun, currently, [Bong Gun] still resides in the heart of Yunho.

“It was only in the eighth episode that I felt for the first time that, ‘Bong Gun is now a man’”. Even though it was just a scene of a competition with another soccer player, up till now, however, the determination felt by Bong Gun then is still deeply etched within my mind.
Every time I meet an obstacle, this scene would come back into my mind. As long as I think “if it was Bong Gun, he will definitely overcome it”, I would continue to walk on with a positive attitude.”

When asked if he had unusual experiences during the process of the filming, Yunho said,”I would become a bit chauvinistic when I interacted with people.”

The progression of the filming for the television drama went on simultaneously with discussion with the staff.

“Initially I would just take action, like in the scene where I jumped into the sea, but now, I have slowly learnt to listen to what the other party has to say from the beginning.”

When the television drama was on broadcast, friends and family members were all very happy to be able to watch Yunho’s debut performance.

“Initially, everyone watched it with an expectation of “Look, it’s Yunho”, but from the fourth episode onwards, it became “Look, it’s Bong Gun”, so I felt very happy then. (Laughs) Compared to my own character, Bong Gun is someone who would bring more sorrow to people. I still hope to challenge my acting skills, and I really want to try the sorrowful role [of a man] who deeply loves a woman even though his feelings are not expressed in a obvious manner.”

Just to mention also, Yunho is currently passionate about food.

“That is because while I was in Las Vegas for the Michael Jackson Memorial Concert, I was deeply obsessed with Indian cuisine. [I was also obsessed] with South Korea’s very famous offal hotspot, wings and those type of food. I prefer going around to try different types of cuisines, then introduce them to my friends if I manage to find any better stores, than listen to other people’s recommendations. That is how I am. (Laughs)”

Lets talk about the much-awaited World Cup, and the thoughts of Yunho, who personally like soccer very much. Bong Gun was a mid-fielder, but what position does Yunho think suits himself most?

“Probably the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is someone who watches over and out for his team-mates, and that’s most like the style of a leader.”

source: baiduTVXQ
translation: kimuchi3005 @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Trans] 100606 Nikkei Entertainment July Issue – YuChun’s Part

Facing A New World, Issues Decided On, Things To Consider

Always the gentleman in THSK, Yuchun now sheds that image to take on the role of a proud young master in a television drama, and hereby marking the start of his solo activities.

YuChun was born on 4th June 1986, is an O-blood type, and has been living in America through his primary to high school years. He is the composer in THSK and has composed many songs. His traits: Lots of tears, always changing hairstyles.

This spring, in the television industry, following TBS’s prime time broadcast, after the introduction of <<IRIS>> which stars Lee Byung Hun, Fuji TV’s television drama <<Sunao ni Narenakute>>, starring THSK member JeJung, alongside other Japanese actors, has also been included in the broadcast schedule. The Korean wave has become an increasingly hot topic. This wave has even hit Japan’s drama domain, and a work that can be termed as the “grand finale” will be broadcast in June. That is << Beautiful Love~Kimi ga Ireba~>> starring YuChun.

As one of THSK’s members, he has always presented a gentle, friendly and humble image on both the stage and on television. However, when you meet him, you will be completely overwhelmed by his attractive hoarse voice, and sometimes, his very sexy mannerisms. All the female readers would probably understand this.

The role that he plays in the drama – a full-of-himself, proud young master – has a image that is the complete opposite of how he usually is. Youngsu/Yonsu (the character’s name) is an heir to a South Korean financial magnate, and by chance, when he meets a Japanese girl whom he does not know at all, he decides to take the opportunity to try to live a new life of freedom. However, due to the differences in their values, there were often times when both of them got into an argument. This drama goes on to illustrate how through such a situation, both characters eventually cleared the misunderstandings between them and reconciled with each other.

Based on this work, YuChun had taken the first step into a whole new world. The start of his solo activities begins here. What are his thoughts and feelings in challenging this new field? Currently, what are the thoughts that he has?


Narrowing The Distance Between Each Other Through The Arguments – A Romance Story Between A Korean Man And A Japanese Woman

The story begins when Hinata (played by Omasa Aya), a freelance reporter who wishes to be a writer, has an encounter with the heir to a financial magnate, Youngsu/Yonsu while she is in South Korea carrying out research. Hinata later meets Youngsu/Yonsu in Japan again when he goes over for a work-related matter. Tired of his monotonous life, Youngsu/Yonsu seizes this chance to move into Hinata’s home…

< -Omitted: Profile of the producer of this drama->

BeeTV will broadcast an episode every Wednesday from 4th June onwards. There will be 12 episodes in total.

– This drama marks the official start of your solo activities, why did you choose this television drama as the starting mark of your solo career?
Frankly speaking, I felt uneasy about it [initially], but right now, there are a lot of things which I want to challenge. Though this is my first time trying out in the (Television Drama) field, I have, however, determined to do my best in this.

– The role you are playing is the complete opposite of how you have been all along.
As an actor, you get to enact the lives of different people, so I might as well enact a character that is completely different from me. However, what I have in common with this character is that beneath his proud exterior, there is this awkwardness which he faces loneliness and his emotions with, and that was why I decided to try this [drama] out.

– How did you prepare yourself to film this drama?
I lost some weight. However, because this is my first television drama in Japan, I was very anxious and worried, so I completely had no appetite. I really didn’t lose weight on purpose, but before the filming started, I always felt too nervous till I was unable to eat, so I got slightly thinner (laughs).

– Speaking of the television drama, JeJung-san has also starred in a Japanese drama serial.
Ah, JeJung, you must do well~! I was encouraged by JeJung [‘s involvement in a drama] to star in this drama.

– JunSu-san, who sang the theme song for this drama, has he been to the shooting location?
He came suddenly, and that gave me a shock. I always feel embarrassed when I’m being seen by them during the filming, so I would usually say “What are you doing here~?” (laughs). However, due to the production of his single, JunSu has been very busy, and for him to take out time purposely to come and see me, that feeling was really…I was extremely happy.

– Were you able to adjust into the role very quickly during the filming?
It was not like that. If we were filming a very serious scene, then I would try to immerse myself in that mood from the start of the day. To be able to do that, I would usually listen to music. In that way, I was able to get rid of some of the anxieties too.

– There was a crying scene in the later half of the drama, were you able to control your emotions well?
Yes. That was because I was adjusting to the mood since morning, and I was very focused during the filming, so the tears started flowing out very quickly (laughs).

The Difference Between Singing And Acting

– Before this, you have been using your voice to describe and express the world, so in terms of acting, how is that different from singing?

As a singer, you have to perform the lyrics of the song by making the emotions of the composer a part of you, and express it just as “YuChun”. However, in acting, you have to completely become another person. Even though it sounds similar, I think the way in which you perform it out is totally different.

– It seems like you no longer have any difficulty conversing in Japanese in your daily life, were there any problems when you said your lines?
Ya~ It really took a lot of effort (laughs)! This is the first time I’m acting using Japanese, and the preparation time was not very long either, so when I saw the script I was really…uneasy. Initially I wanted to learn how to use Japanese in acting, and prepare myself well by reading some books, but the filming schedule won’t be able to wait for me to learn [all that] slowly, but, no matter what, I wanted to give my best to do this well. The pitch and tone in pronouncing Japanese is really difficult, the manager would accompany me to go through the script till morning, and every day we would appear at the filming location without much sleep, but even then, we were still unable to catch up (with the pace of the filming). During the filming, the supervisor would always, always give us instructions, and it felt really tough (laughs). But, due to the lack of sleep, my appetite was not so good. Even then, I feel that acting is something really interesting. The duration of my filming was about a week, but I have had a lot of moments when I was deeply moved. Although it was rather tough (laughs), I would want to try it again.

– Were there any particular scene that left a deep impression on you?

No (laughs). I think it should be more like right now, I want to re-film everything, starting from the first scene when the filming officially started…(laughs)

– Just to add on another question, what type of actor do you like?
Fukuyama Masaharu. He can sing and act well. I want to work hard to become someone like him!

– I think there should be a lot of fans waiting for you to sing again, so what are your plans towards the area of singing from here on?
While acting is something really interesting, but right now I really wish to be able to sing soon! I am still composing tunes now, and there are a lot more things which I wish to do. Still, I wish to be able to stand before everyone as a singer as soon as possible.



Q: What did you eat today?

A: Ramen! My favourite food~

Q: What is the one side dish that you must have when you visit a bistro?
A: Flower carp, on the contrary, I don’t really have a liking for high-class dishes. Izakaya, is a good place~

Q: What is your method for self-relaxation?
A: Half-baths. For about half an hour or so.

Q: What kind of shower cream do you like to use?
Nothing in particular. If we were using the oil from Bebaminto in this filming, I would have gone to sleep immediately after a shower (laughs).

Q: Have you felt burdened by anything recently?
A: Er…no.

Q: What is the one song you must sing when you are at the KTV?
A: Fukuyama Masaharu’s <<Beloved>>.

Q: An update of how you are recently?
A: Right now I am in the midst of preparing myself because I will be returning to South Korea to film a television drama. I will work hard!

source: Nikkei Entertainment + baiduTVXQ 1, 2
translation: kimuchi3005 @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Trans] 100613 The Tokyo Dome Performance “Just Being Able To See Your Smiling Faces Makes This Live Meaningful”

Tohoshinki members Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun, whose group has currently paused all activities, held the final leg of their <JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME> Dome Tour on June 13th at Tokyo Dome.

◆Junsu, Jejung, Yuchun’s Photo [email protected] <JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME> Tokyo Dome

This Dome tour was spread between two locations, Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome, and had four performances in total. There were over one million applications for tickets to all four concerts. They set a record for the biggest audience at the Kyocera Dome legs, held on June 5th and 6th, with 46,000 people showing up per day; this was a performance Tohoshinki fans had been waiting for.

At the Tokyo Dome performance, which attracted 54,000 fans, the starting time passed and the opening video began. After each member spoke of their current plans on video, the three appeared from different sides and walked towards the center of the stage. There was no sound other than the loud cheers from the over 50,000 people who were there. And then the three reached the center stage. Jejung began with their new song, a medium tempo ballad titled “何時だって君に (For you, Always)”. Not one of them were smiling. However, it seemed as though their eyes were filled with happiness and gratefulness at being able to meet with their fans once more.

“We are happy that so many people came today like always. We will work as hard as we can, so please help us liven up the atmosphere.” – Junsu

“Are you well? This is Yuchun. Yes, I want to work hard till the end of… (Looks at the other members)? Don’t laugh. (Laughter) Please enjoy the performance till the end.” – Yuchun

“Hello everyone, this is Jejung. Are you well? We’ve come all the way from Osaka, and reached Tokyo Dome safely. We are thankful to see so many people here today. Many came to support us so we will smile in return. Enjoy the performance till the end.” – Jejung

During the live performances, the crowd would cheer every time the members’ gazes hit them as Jejung, Junsu and Yuchun moved around. On stage, Junsu interrogated Yuchun about the fact that, “During the drama shoot, you kissed(Aya Oomasa) without it being in the script”. The three replayed the best scenes from their dramas and made the audience laugh during their talks.

The three sang three new songs ‘君のために(For You)’, ‘Get Ready’, and ‘Long Way’, Junsu sang a song from his single “XIAH” which was released on May 26th, and the JEJUNG & YUCHUN duo sang both songs from their single “COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter”. Yuchun & Jejung each sang a solo, and the three sang covers of J-POP songs, Hideaki Tokunaga’s ‘Rainy Blue’ and Kome Kome Club’s ‘君がいるだけで (As long as you’re here)’. During the cover of m-flo’s ‘Been so Long’, LISA appeared on stage as a guest and the four of them had the whole place fired up.

Yuchun chose 15-year-old Miki out of over 50,000 fans to sing ‘My Girlfriend’ to, inducing loud screams from the other females present as he placed his arm around her shoulder, held her hand and knelt as he presented her with flowers. Jejung’s rock solo ‘Maze’ covered the Dome in lasers, and the wind coming from below Jejung’s feet fired up the audience’s red glow (red is Tohoshinki’s color) even more. Junsu showed off a perfect dance performance with his song ‘XIAHTIC’ and showed off his muscles in a tank top as he danced seductively with female backdancers. The three sang eighteen songs, including an encore, for around three hours with 12 dancers, five band members and 70 support dancers.

“When it was decided that this performance would happen, I believe that you all decided to come here hoping to see our smiling faces rather than to hear our sad and unfortunate stories. On the first day in Osaka, because there were only three people on stage, I fought to hold back the tears I’d been storing from all the hard, sad things that have happened and all the things we haven’t been able to tell you. When we let out all our emotions at Osaka, it was so sad to see your crying faces, and I thought, “I shouldn’t cry in front of everyone.” I feel it is better to leave the stage as a place where we can show ourselves singing, dancing and enjoying our time there. Just being able to look you in the eye, see your smiling faces makes this Live so meaningful. I want to hold that pure emotion, that is like your smiling faces, and carry it with me as I sing with you by my side.” – Jejung

The three who said, “We shouldn’t show any tears on stage,” finished their final farewells and left the stage. As soon as they got off stage, they said, “We were happy,” with fat tears rolling down their cheeks.

And there is good news for those who could not make it to the dome tour. So that the three can send their gratitude to more people, the digest video of <JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME>, which attracted 200,000 people in four days, will be available on mu-mo, NICONICO Videos and Myspace USTREAM for free. Furthermore, there is no need to log in to watch the video on NICONICO videos. This means that anyone can watch the video.

June 16th 9:00 pm
June 17th 1:00 pm
June 18th 9:00 pm
June 19th 1:00 pm / 9:00 pm
June 20th 1:00 pm / 9:00 pm

Source: [barks+DNBN]
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[Trans] 100614 Jejung:“We Want To Show Our Happy Side!”Junsu & Yuchun Cry After The Encore, Tokyo Dome Performance

Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun, who cried at the response of the fans at Tokyo Dome for the last day of their Live Performance.

Stopping all activities since April, Korea’s 5-member group Tohoshinki’s Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun ended their “JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” at Tokyo Dome on the 13th of June. Jejung, who cried at the very first song in the Osaka Performance said “No matter what pain and sadness we’ve been through, we’ve endured it, we have been bearing with it.” And admitted to the emotional pain that they have been though. “But from here, I can see the crying faces of everyone, and that makes me sad, so from now on, I want to smile properly. To see everyone enjoying themselves, I think it’s better if we show you the happy side of ourselves,” he said. However, as they sang their new song during the encore, that was the moment that tears started to flow among the audiences below the stage.

This Live was performed at 2 different venues, with a total of 4 performances. Nearly 1 million applications for tickets were received, and Kyocera Dome was packed with 46,000 fans, a record breaking audience number for Kyocera Dome. Tokyo Dome was packed with 54,000 fans daily. The live, inclusive of the encore, saw a total of 18 songs performed, with 4 new songs being performed by the 3 members.

Yuchun, who cried at the Tokyo Dome encore stage, said “Last year was the first time, and this is the second time. (Last year) I really wanted to stand on the Tokyo Dome stage again, but I was worried”he admitted. Junsu said, “When this (Live performance) was decided, it was really like a dream. Because we don’t want to disappoint everyone who is supporting us, we want to work hard on this stage,”choking on his words.

From now, Junsu will be performing as solo artist XIAH Junsu, as well as a trio unit together with Jejung and Yuchun.

Source: [Daily News Digital]
Translation Credits: [email protected]
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[Trans] 100618 YuChun’s Interview – “I’ll Confess If I Like Someone”

YuChun challenges a Japanese television drama for the first time through docomo’s exclusive mobile television station, BeeTV’s, [Beautiful Love~君がいれば~].

“I was a little uneasy and anxious because I don’t have any prior experience, and I had to speak in Japanese. I am not sure if I should say this here, it was really very painful. It was really very difficult as a newcomer on the first day of the shoot, but I was very happy while acting. I felt very good although it was pretty tiring!? That was how it was. The first scene that was filmed on the first day however, I really want to re-film the entire scene now (laughs) I think I will be able to do a much better job now~! Speaking of embarrassing incidents, it was while I was taking a break from the shoot at the seashore; when I was about to sit down, I fell instead because the legs of the chair were buried within the sand and I didn’t notice that (the chair) was slanted. There were also other embarrassing incidents other than this, but I won’t share it, it’s a secret!”

The character you are playing, Youngsu/Yonsu is very harsh towards women, what do you feel about him?

“I am not too clear about how he is overall (laughs) but what is similar between Youngsu/Yonsu and me is that if I’ll confess if I like someone! If there is someone like Youngsu/Yonsu who plays around with women, please do not hesitate to break it off with that person and leave him because I feel that in dating, one should have good intentions while letting nature takes its course. However, if one meets a submissive girl who likes and does not mind how Youngsu/Yonsu is like, then it is a different situation. To me, women who are like angels can bring about healing to people. I will work hard to bring that same feeling to the fans. Be it in singing or in acting from here on, I would definitely accept any challenge no matter what~!”

Source: Mr Park + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100617 Ken Wu – Nothing Can Prevent A Person Willing To Progress Forward

Ken Wu’s Mini Blog

6/16 19:40

This time I went to Tokyo and saw JYJ’s second Tokyo Dome concert.
With a 50 000 crowd, the lights dimmed and the whole venue lit up with bright red lights.
At that time, I believed that there was nothing that could prevent a willing person to continue progressing forward!

t/n: Ken Wu is Taiwan’s MTV channel’s famous DJ from the show “Japan-Korea Music Crazy” (a play on words: “crazy” is actually meant to be “wave”)

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[Trans] 100621 U-Know Yunho’s Fashion Photoshoot To Be Released All Over Asia

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho showed off his chic and classic charm in a photoshoot in global fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’.

U-Know Yunho visited Hong Kong in mid-May in order to partake in the photshoot. It was carried out as an unofficial activity due to safety reasons, but countless numbers of fans showed up wherever he went. It is said that this was the reason why he and the team had to be out at 3 o’clock in the morning to complete their work.

The photos that were taken were released in the July issue of Marie Claire Korea on the 19th. But because of his popularity in Asia, the photos will also be released in the August issue of Marie Claire in Hong Kong, Thailand and other Asian countries. The decision to have U-Know Yunho be the cover model of Thailand’s August issue is also drawing great attention.

In the photoshoot, U-Know Yunho can be seen showing off his chic and classic charm in clean-cut suits. Clothes such as a black suit that reveals the inner part of his collar bone and a two tone, black and gray suit all fit him very well.

On the other hand, U-Know Yunho will transform into a musical actor for the lead role of Prince Lee Shin in the musical ‘Goong’ this September.
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[Trans] 100619 TV Japan – Beautiful Love

Now on BeeTV his first drama !

Cellphone broadcast drama “BeeTV” is airing Yoochun’s first drama. He plays the role of a conglomerate son that falls in love with a girl who dreams of becoming a writer. He confessed his view on love,behind the scene stories and secret stories. 10 questions you can only ask here, is going to expose Yoochun!? Also introducing the upcoming stories of the drama!

10 things we want to ask Yoochun

01) Why did you challenge “Beautiful Love ~if you’re here~?
-The story was really good, and I thought “lets challenge a lot of things right now!” so I accepted it.

02) What is the character you played, Yoong-Su’s personality?
-He has everything but he doesn’t have anything he really wants. He’s actually a sad and lonely person. He is full with human-ness and is attractive.

03) How does Yoong-su change after meeting Hinata?
-Yoong-su is really clumsy and never showed the true him to anyone, but after meeting Hinata he tries to live being honest to himself.

04) What was hard during the filming?
-It was hard to act because I didn’t know the nuance to the lines since it was in Japanese~! Even if it’s the same word in Korean and Japanese how to express it is different. I asked the director and tried it.

05) What was the line in Japanese that was difficult?
- For example, “car accident”, “You don’t know embarrassment”, “you don’t get hurt”. I kept repeating it and practiced so that I don’t stutter. And I don’t know why but I couldn’t memorize the word “nigaoe” (portrait) *laughs*

06) How do you relax during filming?
- sitz bath and listen to music. My manager recommended to put in peppermint oil and to sitz bath. Then I fell asleep while bathing *laughs*.

07) Is there a difference between Japan and Korea’s relationship? (Love)
- Korean guys will tell their feelings with “words” and on anniversaries we would surprise them. But Japanese guys are shy so they don’t really do stuff like that.

08) What kind of girls do you like?
- Someone who is natural. I don’t like people who change their attitude depending on that person.

09) What is your next goal?
- After being in the drama, I thought acting was fun since you get to act out a lot of different lives. Some day I want to be someone who can act and sing!

10) A message to the TVJapan readers!
- It will make me happy if I was able to show the excitement I got from filming this. Also please take care of Junsu’s song that makes the drama even better *laughs*. Junsu came to the set to support me!

3rd episode (6/16): Yoong-su feels tired of having to live as the son of a conglomerate and to get freedom he runs away from the hotel. But the credit card he had with him doesn’t work and….

4th episode (6/23): Hinata who hasn’t been doing well with her boyfriend Akira. She brings Yoong-su back to her and Akira’s apartment to make Akira jealous.

5th episode (6/30): Yoong-su gets kicked out of the apartment for making Hinata mad. Hinata finds out Yoong-su is the child of a conglomerate and gets some kind of job.

6th episode (7/7): The media started to notice that Yoong-su hasn’t been around. Yoong-su goes back to Hinata and Akira’s apartment but…

7th episode (7/14): Hinata was depressed for not passing the 2nd stage for a contest for new authors. To cheer her up Yoong-su confesses that his dream is to be an artist.
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[Vid] 100620 Japan – Top 30 Singles

30- Hilcrhyme – “Loose Leaf”
29- Daisuke Ono/Dori Sakurada – “Double-Action Strike form”
28- Hiroshi Miyama – “Yoimachi Sakaba”
27- Motohiro Hata – “Ai Premium Package”
26- Ikimonogakari – “Arigatou”
25- Honey L Days – “Manazashi”
24- Tatsuro Yamashita – “Machi Monogatari”
23- Kana Nishino – “Aitakute Aitakute”
22- Houkago Tea-Time – “Pure Pure Heart”
21- ON/OFF – “Butterfly”
20- XIAH junsu – “XIAH”
19- Lia/Aoi Tada – “My Soul,Your Beats!/Brave Song”
18- Mao Abe – “Lonely”
17- Fuyumi Sakamoto – “Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru / Asia no Kaizoku”
16- Cocco – “Nirai Kanai”
15- SID – “Rain”
14- YUI – “to Mother”
13- Galileo Galilei – “Natsuzora”
12- Miliyah Kato – “Last Love”
11- Arashi – “Monster”
10- Takeshi Tsuruno – “Natsu no Wasuremono feat. TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA / Love Letter”
9- MUCC – “Yakusoku”
8- AKB48 – “Ponytail To Shou Shou”
7- Unicorn – “Hadaka no Taiyou”
6- IDOLING!!! – “Me Niha Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi”
5- BIGBANG – “Tell Me Goodbye”
3- Girls Dead Monster – “Little Braver”
2- Morning Musume – “Seishun Collection”
1- Kaela Kimura – “Ring a Ding Dong” (performance introduction shown)
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[Trans] 100619 Alexander from U-Kiss on TVXQ, “They can never be replaced because they’re just too good”
U-Kiss’ Press Conference in Malaysia

When asked what they think about ever replacing TVXQ, Alexander humbly answered, “We really adore TVXQ, they are our sunbaes (seniors). They’re still the strongest group in Asia, and we set them as our target. They can never be replaced because they’re just too good.“
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[Trans] 100616 The Television Magazine

Sunanare now! Last episode special!

Haru and Doctor,Ueno Juri and Jaejoong who played the couple role.
Looking back what left each others impression on their role?

JJ = Jaejoong

UJ = Ueno Juri

JJ: Haru was amazing. She is just amazing. So much that I can’t make it into words.

UJ: what!? Make it into words *laugh*

JJ: oh, okay *laughs* Haru is a strong women…like Doctor is a little immature so Haru was always leading him.

UJ: really? Haru seems like she’s bright and strong but she seems to be indecisive. But to Haru, it seems like Doctor made her positive. Doctor is honest, has a pure heart, playful, and would protect you.

JJ: *shy* I’m so happy to hear that! Doctor is a good guy. Me, myself is a good guy too, right? *laughs*

UJ: yeah. You take care of everyone. I think you’re relied by many people.

JJ: *shy x 2* (pours tea to Ueno Juri-chan)

UJ: see, he is reliable like this *laughs* Jaejoong-kun likes people so maybe that’s how his power is made. And he makes the atmosphere good too, I want to learn from him!

JJ: thank you *shy* I’m simple-minded so when someone praises me it makes me want to make them happy, like… it makes me want to make them have fun.

UJ: Thanks to Jaejoong-kun filing was fun.

JJ: im sad that sunanare is ending. I can’t meet everyone anymore….

UJ: you’re becoming low? *laughs*

JJ: Everyone might be used to parting in dramas but im sad!

UJ: so, since you’re sad, are you not going to be in dramas anymore? *laughs*

JJ: what!? This and that is different! *laughs*

Last episode of “Sunao ni Narenakute”
Nakaji and Haru’s love comes to an end!
Their fate is…!?

Nakaji apologizes for leaving all his work behind to help Linda who was in danger. While Doctor proposes to Haru officially! The last episode will answer all the knotted love.

Special last message:

Jaejoong: “doctor has a bright personality so I felt that I have to be bright during filming too in the beginning but now its so fun. I don’t want it to end~*cry*

“Jaejoongs murmur” last news

While the photo shoot above, Ueno was talking about how the drama is coming to an end and how she was filming till midnight. Jaejoong said “Juri-chan is amazing. She’s never tired” with respect he also said “she has guts!”

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[Trans] 100623 Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun’s Tokyo Dome Video Breaks Viewership Records At Various Sites

Exceeding 1 million applications for the tickets and resulting in a ticket war, 200,000 people turned up over 4 performances in Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome for the “JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME.” BARKS was there for the last performance at Tokyo Dome and provided a Live Report. For the many that did not manage to attend the Dome concerts, a special digest version of the Dome concerts was streamed through various sites from the 16th to the 20th this month, and recorded some of the highest viewership numbers to date.

At Niconico Videos, videos are usually only available for those who register for an account. However, they streamed this video for public viewing without registration, for a limited time. This resulted in a record number of views for “Nico Live” in the artist(group) category.

USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, Russia, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Rumania, Israel, Macedonia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay Mexico, Chile, Honduras, Uruguay, Australia, Turkey, China (Hong Kong), Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan were some of the 40 countries that accessed MySpace to view this video. Distributed from MySpace Japan, there was a record number of viewers for this video. Tweets about the video with a #jjy hashtag from MySpace totaled at over 13,000. This was also a new record number.

Also. at the new music lifestyle site mu-mo, the total number of views (inclusive of the trailers played on the 15th) exceeded 1.3 million plays.

It can be seen that fans of Tohoshinki, as well as JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN, were as enthusiastic about the digest streaming as they were about the Dome Lives.

Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun will be releasing a private DVD “3HREE VOICES” on 28 July. This product will contain the “Junsu in Sydney” chapter, “Jejung in Canada” chapter and “Yuchun in Seoul” chapter, in a total of 3 DVDS. There will also be an Offshot and Digest recorded in the final DVD, making it a set of 4.
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