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Posted 6/5/10 , edited 6/5/10
You're in big trouble if you don't already have the photoshop program with you. But don't worry! We're here for you! I will list some sources to download such as Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS. FOR FREE.
Make sure you download PowerISO and WinRAR. These files are only opened with that program (or some others).

Many files are in .ISO or .DAA format. So while downloading other files, also download this:
Power ISO - Full version.

And also
WinRAR - Trial version.

Photoshop Elements 6.0 - preferred for beginner users

Photoshop CS3 - preferred for advanced users

Walkthrough to correctly install Photoshop CS3

Tools you need:
*ANY .iso extractor (PowerISO or WinRar are good examples)
*PhotoshopCS3.iso (You can download from this site)
*Compatible Computer (I ensure XP works, some people have said Vista works as well. Let me know if Mac works too.)

For Windows (click spoiler)(Thanks to (And Props to):geniusxtra

For Mac -Thanks to (And Props to): lizagirl308237
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