Post Reply Sheeps give wool?Or we steal it?
Posted 6/6/10 , edited 6/6/10
Many people thinks that shearing sheeps helps.When we shear one ship ti get wool,
she will not have her fur.If we wear wool they dousent wear anything.When we are in warm they are in cold.We can't be like that.Artifical wool helps.We dont need do have real wool.It can be wool made in factory.Anyways,we can't do that.We can have real wool,but then we have give sheeps artifical wool,but that is much complicated.Before the invention Trimmers, in 1000 AD, the only way to get wool was pulling out during the shedding season. Breeding for a steady growth began after the appearance of Trimmers.We need to be sheep friends.Don't be a wolly bully!

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