Only 480p!?
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Posted 6/6/10 , edited 11/26/17
I'm new to crunchyroll and just started my subscription and noticed that pretty much only the simulcasts anime episodes show in 720p and I was wondering why is that the case?

I was intent on subscribing to crunchyroll despite what other anime they had when they decided to simulcast more then 1 of the major shonen anime (naruto, bleach, one piece being the top 3) and since bleach is starts on the 8th then im content with paying 5 a month to watch both naruto and bleach with good quality 720p but I don't understand why the series that are licensed after they were completely shown (like haruhi suzi..) are only shown in 480p.

the change betweeen 480 and 720 is a major major differ on my 40 inch just because its larger then a normal monitor so I see every little pixilated glitch in every picture since i sit so close to the screen, even in 720p. So with this set up 480p looks horrible compared to 720 and 1080.

My question to any of the Moderators is why are the 480p sections of finished series only shown and not 720? Were the licensing of 720 more expensive and separate from the 480?
Posted 6/6/10 , edited 6/6/10
I have no idea what you just said(: Now gl on finding a answer
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Posted 6/6/10 , edited 6/7/10
I see what you mean. I guess its contracted to be like that hmmmm. If we only knew how cr vids worked.


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^ Please refer to the link above. I think vid moderators will take notice of your opinion.
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Posted 6/7/10 , edited 6/7/10
The quality of the videos offered on Crunchyroll is dependent on the quality of the raw video that Crunchyroll is given (I think it was either Shinji or BasouKazuma who said this). If 720p is available that means the original raw video (before its encoded by Crunchyroll) is high enough quality to be 720p, however, if its not as high of quality (most old anime wasn't done in HD, since HD requires using a bigger frame when making it, so takes more time/money) only 480p will be available
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Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/12/10
For non-Simulcast shows (older shows), usually Publishers give us the DVDs for the show. So we rip the DVDs, convert it into our standard formats and upload them to the site. That would be why they are only made available in 480P. But, as aeular said, most older shows weren't produced in anything higher than 480P anyway. Only recently have Anime shows been getting produced in resolutions that are higher than 480P.
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