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Posted 3/9/15 , edited 3/9/15

Name: shin

Village: waterfall

Rank: Akatuski/S-Rank Missing-Nin

Team (optional):

Bio: shin is just like his father kakuza, he does not work well with others, he likes keeping to himself, but he decided to take on a partern so he could join the akatuski


Elemental specialty:ALL


Special Abilities/Justu :
earth grudge fear and Necro Eater
The users of this kekkei genkai can absorb the skin , muscle and organs of the fallen enemies adding their abilities to their own . There is a limit of body's that one can absorb the number rising with age and experience to a limit of 8 bodies .
Now the works like this , the user touches the skin of the fallen enemy (only the recently dead can be used) all but their bones being absorbed thru the users hand and the organs and muscle being added or compressed on the users ones . After the absorption the abilities of the one absorbed (like kekkei genkai , and most of the chakra ) are added to the user , and the user can repair or improve his body (adding muscle , regrowing limbs , repairing eyes , thickening skin etc.).
Now the user who reaches his limit is unable to absorb new bodies till he uses out all the other bodies , if that happens the user will lose all kekkei genkai absorbed but the first one .

dinosaur apatosaurus
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