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Do you put your biases over everything?
Posted 5/28/11 , edited 5/29/11
I usually favor my preferences unless It deals with constructive ideas where it may be possible that my preference towards and idea could be less functional, practical, or innovative than somebody else.

I am entirely objective towards just about everything. Say if somebody likes a food I don't like, I wonder what conditions allow him or her to like it when I don't. Is it different taste buds, did they acquire the taste, is it because he's eaten said food for so long that it's normal, or could it be cultural evolution that allowed natural senses to acquire the taste easier due to said food being a primary source of nutrition?

A guy tried to start an argument with me because I said that I also like Pepsi zero, while we were both drinking Cocacola. He couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that I simply grew up in a family who liked Pepsi products, and so I naturally began to acquire a taste for it.

The thing is if I drink water for a month with no cola and I start drinking pepsi, or any cola for that matter, I find cola tastes TERRIBLE when drinking water after a long time. Then after a few days it tastes crisp and good again. It's just a matter of adjusting to it. Similar to how people gripe about swapping from inverted to regular on a console controller.

I had begun to play regular after playing inverted most of my life, starting after the first Xbox came out, and over the course of a several years, I transitioned back and forth between play styles. While others moan about me passing off the controller to them because they hate the setting I play at, I have the luxury of quickly becoming proficient at whatever option the other person sets it to.

The only real bias I have is towards narrow minded people who can't understand or rationalize the idea that people have different preferences and tastes. In this case where the argument almost started, it was pointless because I also love the taste of Cocacola, so it's not like I was at odds with the drinks he had, and even if I were it wouldn't matter because it's a simple main stream beverage.

The biggest reason is that I am big on social sciences, so even biases, subjectivity and preferences are areas of study and experiment for me. It was a pretty liberating feeling to not really give a shit about other people not liking what I like when growing up, and now it's just a matter of other people owning up to their own preferences and accepting that it's fine to be different.

When a person becomes defensive towards their own preference due to a conflicting preference, that tends to be a signal of insecurity towards that persons own individuality. As if other people would steal their sense of personal 'normalcy'. That is unless the persons preferences are being intentionally attacked, then it would be seen as expected to become defensive or upset.
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