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Posted 6/8/10 , edited 6/8/10
I am very satisfied with the ending!

At least this drama shows me the continuation of the lives of the other characters too - like about Seung-mi and her mother, and the father! Though i wish they would show a scene in New York (about how Hwan may meet with Eun-seong. not sure if this will happen though but it was hinted so), i must say that the ending with them in that beautiful place with matching blue-ish costumes is just so sweeetttt!!!!

For Hwan: i was actually expecting Hwan to be appointed as the President of the company replacing the grandma, but oh well it seems that he is doing quite well too.. and not to mention, with the project of the opening of the restaurant in NY, since he is the one who proposed i guess he will also be in NY? so i was kind of looking forward to seeing eun-seong and hwan in NY, but oh well i am still satisfied with the ending.

For Eun-seong: I was actually kind of expecting to see her in the future (like few years later) and see her as a successful chef or something, but what she said to Hwan at the end was just too sweet~

For Eun-woo: I wanted to see him as a successful pianist and/or composer, but the scene whereby Hwan was teaching him to watch over Eun-seong is just too cute!

For Jung: wish i could've seen her learning all those stuff she mentioned so she could be hired! but oh well, at least she is trying!

For Young-Ran and Mr Pyo: I wish i can see them together! hahaha! that will be hilarious!

For the mother (Sung-hee) and Seung-mi: Well at least now they lead a peaceful life in the countryside. and am glad to see they've finally lead a life that is no longer full of webs of lies.. at least they seem to enjoy (or try to) and lead a simple life.

and i kind of wish for a second season!!! I want to see more of Hwan and Eun-seong's relationship!!!

and i am veryyy veryy satisfied with the acting of the cast! they're good!! their emotions were shown clearly!

What do you think of the ending?
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Posted 11/13/10 , edited 11/13/10
the ending was just wonderful . i wish the mom apologizes though . instead of leaving . but who cares the ending ending made me squeal . i've falling in love with hwan lool .
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