Heroman: Epileptic Tree Orchard

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Posted 6/8/10 , edited 9/24/10
Mmmmmmmmmm...that girl with the guitar in the opening theme reminds me of Haruko from FLCL...

I wonder...if Heroman-isk giant robots pop out of the heads of whoever get hit with said girls guitar, then it'd be a full blown FLCL reference.

Oh by the way (warning the following is a spoiler)

Oh wow! Look at that. Might as well start an Epileptic Tree Orchard here.

For those of you who don't know, an "epileptic tree" is a term for wild, off-the-wall theories. Mostly made by fans (like us). Source: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/EpilepticTrees

And before anyone else posts this (because otherwise, I think A LOT of people would do so), not that I really believe this one...

"Joey is a 'transboy'!" (or he's a post-operative transsexual man) Then again, that epileptic tree really would explain both 'Word of God' saying he's a boy and 'Viewer Gender Confusion' at the same time.

So, what are YOUR epileptic trees about this series?

Edit: So I don't clog up the thread up with more of my own epileptic trees, instead I'm going to put them in the following section of this post below...

Heroman is a robot possessed by the ghost of Joey's father.

Dr. Minami's creating a "Villianman" for Season 2.

Re:Edit: And now I'm also adding if a poster knew it or if the Epileptic Tree was Joshed...(this is only my own observations; you can ignore the following if you wish)

And just in case you read the above, no, I don't take myself seriously all the time.
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Posted 6/20/10 , edited 6/20/10
Had a brief thought during episode 9 that Minami wasn't human (no reason, he just looks that weird) and is another alien out to conquer the planet.

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Posted 6/24/10 , edited 6/24/10
My theory on the Spheres

I think they are Troop Transports.

I think the things are full of Skrugg Larva just waiting to hatch.

The Skrugg we have seen so far are worker Caste bugs, and the Spheres are full of Warrior Caste; Bigger meaner and more powerful than ever.

Judging from the new opening I think each Sphere opens up, reshapes themselves into new Skrugg Bases, giving them an Army and Base on every Major continent

And somewhere in all this there has to be a Sexy Skrugg Queen.

A) they're insects and something has to be laying the eggs
B) every shy hero boy has to go up against a Fem-fetal alien queen

or maybe Lina gets turned into the Skrugg Queen

who knows.
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