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Shifting techniques
Posted 9/6/10 , edited 9/7/10

hahaha, yeah Im talking about performance driving too. The point I was trying to make (though not clearly I admit) is that double clutching and heel and toe are actually 2 separate techniques. They can be used in conjunction but unless youre driving an 18 wheeler or a car with no synchros in the transmission double clutching is needless and time wasting. Your scenario with locking the wheels upon corner entry only requires heel-toe. Only purpose built race cars and heavy/military trucks will use dog boxes or any type of tranny without synchros nowadays.
Posted 12/3/10 , edited 12/4/10

SapphireFire wrote:

I heel-toe double-clutch too. My pedals are close as well, so I use to just use the right side of my foot to kind of bump the throttle, but after I practiced a little and tried different techniques, I was able to get it down perfectly. I now press down the throttle with my heel. I'm able to push it very far down now, so I can get very high revs and stay at the optimal speed at all times with no lag.

I also rev-match when shifting up. I'm able to shift extremely fast, and keep up the revs so I can pull my foot off the clutch very quickly, and put the throttle right back to the floor immediately after taking it off to shift. It's very efficient, and there is no lag. Just extremely fast and smooth acceleration.

When you perfect your rev-matches and heel-toe double-clutching, you are one efficient driver. Just a flawless stride. Not to mention it's incredibly fun!

i just use full throttle shift on crome-pro. ive seen consistent .2-.3 reductions in et with it. also keeps the slug spooled better. but yeah when not at the track daily driving i also rev-match when downshifting. i only heel toe when ive been on a road course in a different car.
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