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Since I can't write it as an "advertisement", even if is hilarious to think I could advertise it anyway on a forum where 80% of the people live in US and Canada. I'll just write a little about it. Post some videos and inspire people to do so where they live.

A-Camp is the short for Anime Camp. Based on Otakus(anime, manga, japan lovers, j-music….), A-Camp has already reached the 4th edition, this winter. And 5th and 6th editions will follow as well, late this summer. Long short story is that from 100 campers at the 1st edition we soon reached 160~ in less then a year. The summer edition is larger than the winter edition who only has around 50-80 people. I’ve been present to all editions so far and is been fun. You’ll probably join the camp knowing nobody in it, and leave having a bunch of friends…
Why go? You’ll cure yourself from the hikikomori disease in a just 6 days, being among a large amount of anime fans, you’ll have fun and make friends. It is also not very expensive.
This summer we'll do 2 editions.
1st Period: 16-22 August 2010
2nd Period: 23-29 August 2010
Location: Camp “Valea Budului”, near Bacau(Europe, Romania)

6 days and nights accommodation
Old School Games
3 meals per day
Drawing Workshop
Internet and L.A.N. network room
Stencils Workshop
Evening/Night Parties
Movie Club
Anime Screenings
AMV Workshop
Light Graffiti
Supervision of all activities

The camp has as partner the Romanian Ministry of National Defense. And so you can see 4-5 soldiers of Romanian Special Forces in action.

Previous edition...
A-camp 2 Winter Limited Edition(winter):
A-Camp 3 F.U.B.A.R(summer):
A-Camp4 Frostb1t3 Edition(winter):
A-Camp4 Frostb1t3 Edition - Motherlover remake: (Film Club)
more info here:

I encourage you not come since "CrunchyRoll advertisement policy" is retarded.
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You're still advertising and based the fact you know the cr rules please follow the rules.

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Ehh, sorry, what you're doing is advertising. Just post this on your profile.... or if you wanna share those YouTube links, do it in the General Link thread.
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