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Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/19/10

Lemmingbee wrote:

Rawr. I request a lot of things from you. x33

Text: Lemmingbee, "You used to be so big..."
Type: Avi~!
Mood: Post-Revolutionary War-type thing
Specifics: CRYING IGGY! xDD Just a tiny bit of America, not too much.
Others: Uhm...what's the difference between 'specifics' and 'others'? Make me a depressing avi to cheer me up. :3 Depression isn't fun, I don't like it at all. ...I should know, from experience. -_-" I go into way too many of those without noticing.
Invited Buddies: Yosh. Surprisingly, more than last time.
Pic(s): Hrn. I'll let your amazing expertise run with it (again.). This means I'm lazy and you find really good pics anyhow. (Plus I like the surprise.)

Specifics equals... stuff. Others equal... other stuff.

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