Post Reply Ghost Shipyard
Posted 6/10/10 , edited 6/10/10
The sound of the crashing waves hitting the docks rumbled throughout the misty area. A boat creaked loudly as it bumped against another, breaking the monotonous tone of the ocean. A single person walked down the path, running hurriedly away from a boat and whatever had frightened him. As quickly as he had come, he was gone.
Above the nearby forest, a dove flew quietly towards the boardwalk, landing neatly beside a rotten board the man had just ran by. She shifted neatly into her human form, and surveyed the area. The mist indeed made it hard for her to make out anything past the boat directly in front of her. She sighed and thought to herself, You'd think they'd clear this mist... Someone could fall in the water. She shook her head and folded her arms.
After moments of waiting, she spoke out loud, "Am I supposed to do something? Dance? Juggle? Recite a poem?" She grumbled to herself. After all the travel she had experienced to get there, she wasn't going to go back anytime soon.
Still... it's very cold here... She shivered, looking around once more, trying to find the shape of any person who she could ask for assistance.
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