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The Best and Worst of Spring 2010
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49 / M / California
Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10
I only had 4 shows on my itinerary from the spring catalog (Heroman, House Of Five Leaves, Ichiban Ushiro no Damao and Mayoi Neko Overrun), so instead of ranking 3 best and 3 worst, I'll simply rank from best to worst.

1. House Of Five Leaves (definitely not a show for those with ADD, but those who don't, nice treat, isn't it?)
2. Ichiban Ushiro no Damao (enjoyable and was worth putting in my "to watch" list. nothing great, mind you, but did its job at minimum)
3.Mayoi Neko Overrun (not bad, but i can understand how some people how it in their bottom three. kinda went off the path looking to get itself into a trainwreck at times without finding a train to collide with)
4. Heroman (i prided myself in having a 1.000 batting average in anime viewing in that i never dropped any anime i start watching. Heroman did a great job in ending that perfection. i mean, the show would've been so much better without the nagging housewife they called Joey. HEROMAAAAN!!! even torture can be unforgettable)

On a final note, I noticed someone had Shiki in their so-so list. I thought that show started next month.
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36 / M / Oregon
Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10

1. Angel Beats - Fantastic art, likable characters, great comedy.

2. B Gata H Kei - This show surprised the hell out of me. Very funny and I liked both the leads. (poor Kosuda getting cockblocked all over the place )

3. House of Five leaves - The story moves at a slow pace and the main character acts like a total wuss, but for some reason I really enjoy this show. It was just something different from the norm I suppose.

Runner up: Arakawa


1. Heroman - I have NEVER dropped any anime I started until this travesty. I stuck it out for 5 episodes before I had to stop. Stupid red, white , and blue robot. WE GET IT, IT'S IN AMERICA. Don't have to shove it down our fucking throats. Ugh

2. Ichiban - Man, how disappointing. The first couple episodes this show had potential. Story was all over the place and crammed into too few episodes. Brave was a flying douchebag. The comedy with Korone was all that kept me watching, then she all but disappeared the last few episodes.

3. There wasn't really anything else I disliked enough to put in the "worst" list. I'd say the rest that I watched were so-so, or good but not enough to make the top 3.
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24 / Singapore
Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10
top 3:
1. Angel Beats - totally didn't expect the anime to be good. i almost stopped at the first episode when i heard that it was about an afterlife world. im glad i continued to watch it!

2. Hakuouki - i love this anime all over again because i just watched the last episode of the FIRST SEASON. haha there's a second season!! it really needed a one! the story has only just started!!

3.. Arakawa under the bridge - unexpected anime. i wouldn't say its really extremely good but i think its nice because its different in a good way.

not bad:
1. Senkou no night raid - i think its not bad but i guess it feels rather random. i mean i think i don't really get the story totally but i do like it quite a lot.

2. Kaichou wa maid-sama - its good but its not very special.

3. B gata H kei - its funny but in a way meaningless. haha!

bottom: (only 1)
1. Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao - this comment is rather subjective but to me, its just weird.
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28 / F / The great not so...
Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10
only ones I've actually been watching are

Angel Beats

So I guess these would be my top in no order I really need to finish Heroman and Uraboku
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22 / F / library
Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10
top 3
1. angel beats
so great to be an anime =DDD waiting for the last episode this friday.
2. kaichou wa maid-sama
lovely romance =333
3. K-ON!!
i havnt watched it yet but i know it's going to be awesome, bcoz the manga is also sooo gud =)

bottom 3
hng.. dunno
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30 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10
Top 3

1. Angel Beats
2. K-ON!!
3. B Gata H Kei

All the other anime I watched this season were quite good and I enjoyed: Kaichou wa Maid sama, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, Working and Heroman.
The only one I didn't like was Mayoi Neko Overrun.
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Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10
I don't have a top three or bottom three, but I do feel like Magic Kaito needs some love <3 it just started this april so YEAH MAGIC KAITO #1!!!! <3
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