'The Wall' Tour
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Posted 6/11/10 , edited 6/11/10
Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2010-2011

Roger Waters solo world tour in 2007-2008 Was a huge success and he is following it up with The Wall 2010 - 2011 tour. Roger Waters management has confirmed that "Roger is touring The Wall in its entirety in 2010 and 2011". The official announcement took place on Monday April 12th at 2pm est.

"Thirty years ago when I was kind of an angry and not very young lad, I found myself driven into defensive positions because I was scared of stuff, and I've come to realize that in that personal story, maybe somewhere hidden in there exists an allegory for more general and universal themes, political and social themes," he said. "It's really for that reason that I decided that I'd try and create a new performance of this piece using a lot of the same things that we did all those years ago."

"Projection systems now are completely different from what they were then, which means that I would be able to project over the entire 250-foot expanse of the wall ... which we couldn't do in those days," he said.

The listings and dates and stuff is here. Is anyone going? I'll kill you. I was supposed to, but it turns out I can't. I am really bummed about this because 250-FOOT EXPANSE OF THE WALL. ;_;
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Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/12/10
Like hell my dad would let me

But if i play my cards right, there's a chance I might go during spring break/senior trip

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Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/13/10
I don't think there is anyway i can get to one. All the places are too far away and at times that would be impossible for me to attend. Also I don't have the money to buy a ticket. It would be great to go see it.
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