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Is Japan really like that?
Posted 2/15/11 , edited 2/15/11
hmm i think so
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Posted 2/16/11 , edited 2/17/11
LIFE IN JAPAN IS FRICKE AZUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OTAKU
Posted 2/17/11 , edited 2/17/11
It's like 50/50. They have friends, hang out after school, and walk there.


there's no mythical creatures and disobeying school rules.
They attend, listen, and that's it. They also take a lot of time to study.

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Posted 3/2/11 , edited 3/3/11

phantomkirby wrote:

That's like saying "Gossip Girl" is a perfect representation of an average American school life for a teenager.

i think this pretty much sums up the thread xD
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