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What do you want your Dream house to look like? Where would it be located?
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Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/16/10
mee.. i would build my house from scratch!!! i wanna learn carpentry and all..

i would have my house 2 stories high, has a reinforced basement..

k as soon as you go in you would see the living room.. paintings on the wall( my paintings XD) white colored walls.. spacious living room including two couches L lined up with a home theatre set like tv with 4 way speraker, hd tv, blue ray player.. adjacent to the room is the kitchen.. a kitchen for chefs(which i wanna be), a bathroom area by the kitchen..garage enterance on the left side, no cars inside but a cozy room to sleep in during the summer.. a spiral stairs near the entrance to the garage leading to the rooms upstairs.. round 3 to four rooms on the upstairs, one master bed room located on the far side up the stairs, one guest room, and 2 other rooms, each with their own bathroom.. every room would have their own custom painting, each with a patio.. btw my master bedroom will have a its bathroom on the patio, no roof for the bathroom so i can look up at the sky during relaxation time, crystal clear glass but pretty private for the interior of the bathroom, spacious back yard with a pool.. their would also be a pool house for visitors and for me :D.. one big room with a private bathroom as well.. colred blue with clouds for the painting.. a nioce heart shaped bed and adustable roof above the bed to be able to look up at the night sky.. across from the outside wanna be house is the family room, place for pool , home theatre, gaming are.. oh yea and around the back yard is a garden full of flowers and vegetatian,, full of potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, apples.. hah ayou name it!!!

well thats all i can think of now for a nioce dream house... its gonna be on top of a hill so i can see the view
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