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Author's Note: This KYUMI FIC is single-chaptered. It was created due to soo much lovee for the KYUMI team. ☺

For Aiya..<33



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"Sometimes, green doesn't mean good...sometimes, it means better.☆ "

It's one of those rare times, when it seems like the sky had fallen on your shoulders; when you just wanted to burrow yourself on the ground and never came out. It was one of those times when you wanted to be faceless because of the shame brought to you; when you wanted to grieve for the loss.

You wanted to shout and blurt all the bitterness aloud but no words came out. You wanted to cry and sob and whimper but tears won't spill from your eyes and no sound would come out.


Exactly, what our evil magnae, Kyuhyun is feeling. His crooked smile was nowhere to be found. His hair was tousled and though his brows weren't exactly creased, it shows he was in deep thinking as his eyes stared past the scenery outside.

Well, he just lost in one of his MAJOR games, accordingly. And it was a game with Sungmin online. And as far as he is concerned, none has beat him yet this month when it comes to that computer game. And a newbie Sungmin?! Yes, a newbie Sunmin just won over professional GameKyu.

Sungmin was out the online world now. He was probably out to boast this once in a lifetime achievement over Kyu. He was probably smiling from ear to ear and Kyu has imagined his hyung's creepy outdated smile as he boast the winning game he had with GameKyu.

More worse, no one was there to comfort him with the great loss. He surely wanted to die now. He shuffled his hair in a messy way and pouted like a child. EVIL HYUNGS!

"He must've had cheated on me somehow!" Kyu muttered still wasn't over the bitter loss, "Aha..I'll check on that!", he suddenly said out of the blue and rushed to the computer to check for the 49th time if Sungmin cheated.

Unfortunately, he found again that Sungmin couldn't possible cheat on him because the computer game has no cheat engine! Deteriorated, he slumped back on a couch and held his face with his hands. There's no way he could prove that his hyung cheated. He must accept such heart breaking defeat!

"Aww.." he mumbled feeling sorry for himself.

And then he heard the door slam. And he thought his hyungs were probably back. They left him alone as a punishment because he failed to won in a dare. So he was stuck at home with the computer which he currently hates because of his loss with Sungmin.

"Kyuhyun-shii!" a voice called. And he instantly knew whom it belongs.

he yelled childishly rushing over to DongHae's side.

"We heard, you lost over Sungmin-hyung awhile ago."
DongHae chuckled.

Kyuhyun immediately released from his hug.

"Oh, so that evil hyung has told you."
he pouted cutely.

"He had actually boasted it to all of us." cheered Ryeowook, adding salt to the salty mood our magnae has.

"Tskk. He's soo evil." Kyu stomped his feet endlessly.

"Now, that's childish of you, Kyu. Stop that." Siwon strictly said, though in a calm manner, as he made an entrance on the living room.

"Geez..Why all of you seem to down me!"
whined Kyuhyun.

"It's okay, hyung...people experience life that way!"
comforted henry in English. He had been talking with overseas fans awhile ago and had brought the language over. Kyuhyun couldn't understand English well and it just adds the grief in his feelings.

"Okay, I'm out of here." he said and went out.

It's summer in China so when he went out, the crispy rays of sun brushes lightly on his skin. he shivered inwardly. He'll never get used to this. he's missing Korea much..too bad he'll probably stay longer than expected because Super Junior-M had lots of activities scheduled.

"What are you doing here, Kyu?! Where are the others?" asked by a male voice from behind.

"They're enjoying making fun of other people inside. Be careful, hyung. They're diabolic!" he warned.

Hankyung nodded and went inside leaving kyu alone again.

"I wonder if Leetuek-hyung misses me..Geez..this place is full of evil forces.." he said to himself; he knelt to pick a stone and throw it away. He walked and sat under the shade of a Cherry Blossom Tree on the yard.

He was so sad. he felt alone. All his hyungs had been playing pranks on him today...Even Henry. And he wonders where is his beloved Zhou Mi- hyung now. Is he alright?! Does he eat well? Oh, he hope he's just doing fine. He's missing his hyung much more than anyone.

He'd been a week gone for personal reasons. And kyuhyun's missing his Zhou Mi-hyung that much!

A green lollipop suddenly appeared in front of him. A wide smile spread across his lips as his eyes darted to the giver. His one and only Zhou Mi-hyung!

"HYUUNG!!" he said enough and jumped unto him like he had never seen him on years.

"I've missed you." Mimi uttered in innocent delight.

"I've missed you more!"
argued Kyu as he got up and take the lollipop.

"Haha..So why are you alone here..?" wonders Mimi taking a seat beside Kyu.

"Well, the bullies were reunited at the Super Junior- M's house." muttered Kyuhyun.

"Ohh..Good thing, I haven't gone in yet." Mimi said.

Kyuhyun furnished a smile and just hugged his hyung. It just shows how much he loved this brother. Zhou Mi hugged back happily.

"Hey, why aren't you eating your lollipop, yet?I looked all over the town for that" Mimi said.

"I couldn't eat this. This is very special to me, because my hyung had worked hard to purchase this lollipop for me." he said with all his might hugging the lollipop close in his chest.

The green lollipop, would somehow seem just any ordinary lollipop you'll find. But this particularly kind of lollipop had always been special for both. It's not your ordinary lollipop, because it was a lollipop of friendship. Kyu gave Mimi a lollipop once Zhou Mi was feeling bad and it made him happy. And now, it's Kyu's turn to receive such love from Mimi.

"You have to eat it. I'll go get you some more next time. Remember I ate the one you gave me." cheered Zhou Mi.

Kyu couldn't resist his hyung that he licked the green lollipop happily.

"You know what, I thought this day was the worst day ever.." he confessed.

"Ohh..why?" Mimi asked worriedly.

"First, i received a punishment from our hyungs. Second, Sungmin-hyung beat me in the game...and none from our hyungs had comforted me. Not even Henry!" he told his hyung tearfully.

"Aysshh..that was bad." Zhou Mi commented, "But it was okay...I'm here now.." he said afterwards.

"Ohh, hyung!" Kyu cried waterfalls cuddling on his Mimi.

And after a while of releasing his frustrations, Kyu has calmed down. And he was chatting happily with Zhou Mi again.

"Hyung, sing for me." it was a sudden request from Kyu.

"Gee..your voice is better..Why don't you sing for me instead?"
he asked Kyu.

"I want to hear your voice..pleeasee!" Kyu's puppy eyes was irresistible and he knows well Mimi could never resist him. And yes, Mimi gave in.

"Okay, I just made up this song..Enjoy!" he said starting off.

He cleared his throat and began, "I came home feeling day..and i saw my favorite guy...alone in the Che-rry Blossom Tree--♪" Zhou Mi sang and Kyuhyun clapped his hands as he continued, " And i gave him a green a sign of our friendship...the lollipop...was ver--y deli--cious..Yeah..Whoaah..♪" sang Kyuhyun.

Both ended the song and had a good laugh on it, like children of Kami. Their innocent laugh filled the air as the melodic tune still rung in their heads.

"It was epic!" coplimented Kyuhyun.

Now all the bitterness he had vanished. He doesn't feel lonely anymore. He felt happy and comfortable.

"Feeling better now?!" asked Mimi tenderly.

"No.." he disagreed, "I feel the best!" he cheered happily.

Kyuhyun sighed contentedly, this is surely the thing he'll miss when they went back to Korea. He forgot, there's a gift he possessed in China. Someone special and priceless than all the material things combined. his friendship with his Zhou Mi hyung is something to be cherished and taken care of.

Kyuhyun never knew that in the heart of China, he'll find a green lollipop. A lollipop that would bring him to the treasure chest where he has found his gold--Zhou Mi.

This is something, Korea has not and only China has. He didn't know before that a foreigner like him would find a true friend in a stranger's place. But Kyuhyun's glad he did.

"Come on in, Kyu! Lunch is ready!" yelled Hankyung from the house, and noticing Mimi he added, "You too..Mimi..Get in two."

"Coming!" Mimi answered before turning to Kyu.

"Let's go?!" he asked the magnae.

"I'm still full. I ate the whole lollipop!" Kyu said.

"The lollipop i gave you is so small.." exclaimed Mimi horrified, Hankyung would surely get mad if kyu won't eat lunch because of the lollipop he gave.

"Wrong timing, hyung!" there's a smirk on kyu's face.

"Whaaah..You must eat lunch or hankyung-hyung will get mad at me!!" Zhou Mi yelled in panic. He was waving his hands sidewards.

"Sugar rush?" the evil magnae's smirking wide.

"KYUU!" screeched Zhou Mi now seriously horrified.

"i'm kidding hyung, how could you!" exclaimed Kyu enclosing his hyung in a tight embrace, "Now let's go before hyung gets real mad!" he said in emphasis and dragged his hyung back inside.

A sigh of relief escaped on Mimi as he follows Kyu, while a cute smile smile was playing on Kyu's lips in return. This day isn't bad after all. ♥

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AHHHH PRINCEEYYY!!!! THIS WAS THE BEST THING I THINK I EVER READ!!! it was so exciting all the way through! im so glad you did it!!<33 Gosh i bet im gonna be the only one who understand the whole green lollipop deal!!<333 gosshh so cute!!! I was amazed when i saw the title!! xD i was likee wahhh!!! she rememeber the lollipop! xDDD Goshh! i love thisss<333 I think you reacted all the guye PERFECTLY TOO! xDD Kyu is too mean to be pittied! xDDD Gosh<33 but i kept smiling and awwwing at the kyumi love~ gee! I really think you have a talent for writing! i know i do say that a lot BUT gosh it was just too amazing!!!<3333 I hope you plan to write more!! i would love to see what your amazin brain could come up with next/<333
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Awee!!! You are most welcome!!! I'm still touched xDD Our lollipop obsession will spread now<33 xDDD Total cuteness overlaod adding to this! ^___^<333 And i hope you do too! xD Butt wahhh i feel honored that i inspire you!! makes me fel really good xDDD!! -huggss-[:
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AWWW..THANKS AIYAA.. <3333 And I guess, this is the best review I ever received the whole time I'm writing such..^^ Yeah, I got soo inspired with the lollipop we're discussing at the forums beforee..Ahaha..So i used the title..XDDD Ahaha..YEAH!! I LOVE THE GREEN LOLLIPOP, MIMI WAS HOLDING..XDDD AWWW..THANKS MUCH..REALLY!! I'll surely shake my brain some moree to write more KYUMI inspired me in doing thesee..We'll never ever part with these..<3333 And I LOVE YOUR REVIEW ON THE STORYY..<3333 -hugs tight- <333
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CUTENESS OVERLOAD <3333 It'll never change..^^ YEAH! Let's spread our lollipop obsession!!! wheeee~ I'm excited for moree KYUMI fics..I remember our everyday conversation while writing you inspired me moost..<33333 love chuu^^
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Aweee<33 That makes me feel so good. xDD We should find more kyumi cuteness to inspire you more!!! [: ^__^luffchuu<3
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PWAHAHA.. :))) I can't help but smile reading it again.. <333 and that'd be GREAT!! i mean..such a cute inspiration..Aweee~ <3333%
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:)) thanks.
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Oh! Aiyaaa, I read this again..and i remembered the way we talk with each other on the "I Miss You" and "i Miss You Moree" conversation!! <333
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This is so cute! ,,^^,, you are a good writer!
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mochiicheeks wrote:

This is so cute! ,,^^,, you are a good writer!

Awee~ Thank You! ^^
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RainbowPrincess326 wrote:

mochiicheeks wrote:

This is so cute! ,,^^,, you are a good writer!

Awee~ Thank You! ^^
yw (:

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Thanks. =))) ♥
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