Can anyone help me find these mangas?
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Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/13/10
So. Recently, I've wanted to read these two manga's I've read like.. months ago, but I cannot find them /sadface. DD:
So here are the descriptions from what I remember. XD

The first manga is like really sad. I don't know if its a compilation or whatnot, but there was one story/chapter i liked. Its about this girl, who is in love with her sisters[the sisters also happen to be twins. :D] boy friend, but their about to marry each other. On the way to getting her sister's ring, the girl and the boyfriend are caught in an accident in which the boyfriend becomes blind due to trying to save the girl. The sister doesn't find the will to marry him now that hes blind. So the girl cuts her hair short, and pretends to be the sister as they look the same and have the same voice. After a long time of pretending to be the sister, the girl finds out that theres someone willing to donate their eyes to the boyfriend, so he can see again. So the girl goes to the sister and begs her to go back to the boyfriend. Yatta yatta happens, and at the wedding day, the boyfriend finds out that it was really the girl who had helped him when he was blind and they end up together. :D

I believe one of the characters name was Mina or something. D:


Second one is about four student council members: 2 girls and 2 boys. The student council president[girl] wants to create a school heaven without boys, but she finds out that her school is joining with the boy version. As you can guess, this story is really cliche, and the two student council presidents [boy and girl] join together and eventually fall in love.

The other two are a very tomboy-prince like GIRL while the other is a girly-cute face BOY, and how they end up together.

There are four chapters in this manga, 2 about the student council presidents and the other 2 about the polar opposite members. :D

please help me find these!
Posted 6/12/10 , edited 6/13/10
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