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28 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/14/10
"That must be the culprit!" said Noah.
Noah began chasing the Impmon.
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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/14/10
"We have to find the last bomb .. "

Where would the last one be ...
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28 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/14/10
"We should try to get the information directly from the source."
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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/14/10
"Catch that Impmon can ask him about the last bomb .. "

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28 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/14/10
"Tokomon, Bubble Blow!" ordered Noah.
Tokomon releases a Bubble Blow but Impmon turns a corner and escapes. Noah continues the chase.
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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/14/10
Agumon: Baby flame !!

Agumon shot a fireball but Impmon dodge and continue running

Veemon: V-Headbutt

Veemon uses his headbutt but it missed Impmon
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28 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/14/10
Tokomon fires Bubble Blow again, this time hitting Impmon. However, Impmon then attacks Tokomon with Badda-Boom.
"Tokomon!" exclaimed Noah.
Noah cradled Tokomon.
"Where's the last bomb!" demanded Noah.
"Wouldn't you and the mayor like to know," snickered Impmon.
"That's it! The last bomb must be at City Hall." Noah turned to Takuya. "I'll take care of the last bomb. You deal with our impish friend here."
Noah ran for City Hall.

A few minutes later, Noah and the mayor's security team found the last bomb.

OCC: I gtg to bed. There's not much left of this quest. Sorry about leaving the rest of the fight to you
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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/14/10
OOC : Don't worry i will end it with one post .

" Ready ?? "

Veemon: Oh yeah !!

Impmon : Opps ..

Veemon uses Headbutt and Agumon shot a fireball and knock out Impmon . Impmon was sent back to the digitial world and the bombs were taken care of ..

Mission Complete !!
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25 / M / Limbo, My Dreams.
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/14/10
I walk around file city half bored. Lookin at all the sights and enjoying the buildings.

"So what is there to do?"

I decide to go to a store and watch what goes on.
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24 / M / Cookie Land~!
Posted 6/13/10 , edited 6/14/10
Mission Name: Mischievous little Impmon


len: "I wanna go play the the festival O3O
salamon: len we got to do this mission first!
patamon: yeah If we dont do this then there might not be a festival

Later On Meeting With The Cliient

jijimon: as you guys know Our own File city is going to have a festival in 5 hours so I need you guys to find the bombs That The Mischievous Impmon planted through out the city and capture him.
Len: we can play at the festival after right? :3
jijimon: sure sure but find every bomb first remember there is 7 bombs total and I Need you guys to deactivate them

After The Meeting....4 hours before the festival

Len: okay so the plan is to split up and find the bombs and by luck if we run into impmon then we capture him.
both: right!
Len heads to the north, Patamon heads to the west and salamon heads to the east.

Len finds that the residents were panicing after finding one bomb on the top of the nearby hospital
Len: wowy O_O....
he decides to climb the wall by using a hook to latch onto the roof and climb it
len eventually gets there and rus to the bomb and deactivates it
Len: phew :D.
he then notices the veiw of the top of the hospital and looks for another bomb
Len then notices one at the intellegences headquarters and heads there
Len: at least its not as high as the hospital
he climbs it again and deactivates the bomb
Len: i wonder how the others are doing >w<

meanwhile where patamon is.......... 3Hours until the Festival

patamon flies up and scans his area and is able to find 1 bomb in a kindergarten so he deactivates it
patamon: phew >w<
he looks around but is unable to find another one
patamon: aww guess i have to walk
he looks around and finds a bomb on the jail gates camouflaged
patamon: good thing I looked extra hard
he flies up and deactivates it
patamon: yay~!! I found all of my bombs!!

After at where salamon is................. 2 hours until the festival

salamon walks around
salamon: aww.... too bad i cant fly >_<
she sniffs out one bomb at the park and deactivates it
salamon: yay for my nose~!
she tries to sniff another one out but then notices one is one of the most richest building
salamon: woah!!
she goes inside and she almost gets there but is blocked by the guards
salamon: get out of the way! I have to deactivate the bomb!!!
guard: shows us that ur not going to rush the time down!
salamon: ugh dont have time for this
shows them and then deactivates it
salamon: yea!!!

they all run back to the middile of file city and meet up...............1 hour to the festival

len: okay so we got.....
counts how much bombs they all deactivated
len: okay so that is 6 b-but isnt there 7 bombs?
patamon: yeah we check ever where but...
we all look at the south side of the town and see impmon on the tallest tower protecting the last bomb
Len: lets go!!
we run there and we grab patamon's hands then he uses Boom Bubble that causes them to fly up into the air far enough to reach impmon and the last bomb
Len:Okay We got to get the bomb!!!
both: Right!!

30 mins until festival

Patamon and salamon attack with Sparking Air Shot and Puppy Howling while len sneaks up and tries to deactiate the bombs
Len: this bomb is more difficult then thhe others!
5 mins until the festival....

impmon uses Badda-Boom (Night of Fire): Impmon creates a small fire ball at his finger tips then hurls it at the opponent.

They are able to avoid it and then patamon uses Pretty Rush and that causes impmon to become unconscious and they capture impmon

30 secs until the festival

Len: almost........Got it!!

The Festival starts

Len: YAY!!! YATTA~!!!!
after bring impmon to jijimon len heads to the festival to celebrate


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29 / M / none of your busi...
Posted 6/14/10 , edited 6/14/10
dark darn look at all the game stands

dark burner yeah never seen so many before

dark u never see one before

dark burner u got a point there

dark let see

starmon step right up test your shooting skills hit the target win a prize

dark nice one game plz

starmon coming up *giving dark a gun that shot bbs*

dark hey i thought they was real no bbs

starmon deal wth it pal

dark fine *taking aim*

starmon ready shot

dark shooting at the target not missing one ok where my prize

starmon here u r *handing a numemon*

dark droping it* what with the numemon

starmon that the prize

dark *geting mad at this so point it out and shot a Meramon and giving the gun back to starmon then the Meramon look at where it came from* he did it *pointing at starmon

Meramon y u

dark *runing and leting them fight it out
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F / Canada
Posted 6/16/10 , edited 6/17/10
Himeko: Mission - Mischievous Little Impmon

Himeko, Rei and Aquila, walked through the festival with a smile. How happy they were to attend this big gathering, as it was their first.
Rei: Hey, hey! What's that?
Aquila: What?
Rei: THAT! *runs up to the poster pasted on close to all of the walls were the festival was being held.
Himeko: Hmm. Let me see here...


Himeko: Are you guys up for a little mission?
Rei: YAY a mission!
Aquila: As long as we have Himeko, our team is indestructible.
Rei: YEAH, what this guy said. *points to Aquila*
Himeko: Off to the purple tent, then!


Jijimon: Ah! Thank you so much for coming! Impmon and his gang has set up seven bombs around the city. It's terrible! Please capture him and cancel out the bombs before they destroy thousands of other digimon!!
Himeko: It's alright, Jijimon. That's what we came for! We're here to help, so leave it to us!


Suddenly, the team heard screams erupt from the petting zoo. Impmon is there!

Himeko: *thinking: this Impmon is quite clever to have this plan of his happen during a festival.* Rei, Aquila, I'll go get all the digimon out of here. For now, Aquila, use spiral twister on the bomb! Rei, you can see the other bomb with your cat eyes, right?
Himeko: Use Cat Laser on it!
Rei and Aquila: YES M'AM! *fires attacks*
Himeko: Alrighty, two done, five more to go.


[At the shopping district]

Himeko: Hey, guys, see that? *points to electricity pole* Same thing as before guys!
Rei: Cat Laser!
Himeko: Eh? Where?!
Aquila: Spotted another one over by the bridge.
Himeko: Pretty clever, Aquila. *pats head*
Rei: Hmph. I could do that too.
SFX: Boom boom boom~~!
Rei: Himeko!!!! Watch out!! *jumps and pushes myself out of the way*
*smoke clears up*
Himeko: *coughs* REI!!!! *runs over to her* REI !
Rei: *coughs* I'm fine.. Himeko.. that's.. another bomb gone.
Himeko: IMPMON! Wherever you are, COME OUT NOW.
Impmon: Hahahahahha! I hope you like my little games.
Himeko: No one does!
Impmon: Too bad. You have to play either way. *laughs*
Rei: Aquila!... There's two more bombs... One beside the rock on the right and the other beside the light pole.. Attack it!

Impmon: Tch, minions! Attack!
Rei: *Gets back up* Neko punch! Neko kick!
Aquila: Tempest Wing!
Impmon: Ehehe... gotta go~!
Rei: Oh no you don't. You will pay for trying to hurt my master. Cat's Eye! *Impmon gets paralyzed and cannot move*
Himeko: *Grabs a rope from her bag and ties Impmon up* You. Are. Coming. With. Me.


Policeman: Thank you for catching Impmon.
Jijimon: Yes, yes, thank you so much. What can I do to repay you!
Himeko: ... *hands over poster*
Jijimon: Ah, yes. Here's your BITS. Please enjoy the rest of the festival!
Himeko: Yes, we will! *smiles together with Rei and Aquila*

Posted 6/17/10 , edited 6/17/10
MISSION: Mischievous Little Impmon
Jijimon: Ah welcome! I guess ur hear for the mission right?
Nozomi: Yes Sir! We'll make sure the mission is done!
Xiaomon: So wat is it?
Jijimon: Ah yes, well there is supposed to be a festival today BUT a Impmon has layed 7 bombs near the festival, me and Babamon need u to get the bombs and capture Impmon, sound good enough to you?
Nozomi: Okay! We're on it!

[at the festival grounds]

Nozomi: Hm........ lets see... Agh! this is gonna be hard!
Xiaomon: Just calm down will ya? Wait.....
Nozomi: What? what is it?
Xiaomon: I.... I smell fire... and a bo-
Nozomi: A bomb?!
Xiaomon: That way!
Nozomi Here it is! *picks up bomb and stops it* Phew!
Xiaomon: Hey lookit! I smell anther!
Nozomi: Yhe... and another, where are they leading...? *follows path of bombs while stopping them from exploding*

[in a cave]
Xiaomon: Whoa, look at that! the 7th bomb! its huge! Come on!
Nozomi: R-Right!
Impmon: Not so fast!
Nozomi: ah! a-attack him!
Xiaomon: Yes ma'am! Bite! *bites Impmon*
Nozomi: Keep going! *climbs bomb and stops it*
Xiaomon: Hiya! Charge! *charges at Impmon defeating him*

[at Jijimon's House]
Jijimon: thank you very much! Oh yes here is your reward!
Xiaomon: A;right! now lets go report in!
Nozomi: see you Jijimon!

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28 / M / Just a kamen ride...
Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/18/10
As raijin explores the festival he toko oogle at at pretty every shiny thing they see. Shinzo and Kei follow behind them, shinzo being extremely annoyed by their staring while kei just simply smiles as always. Raijin's digivice beeps as he recieves a message from Jijimon:

Quickly my young friend Impmon is causing trouble, save the festival! He has placed bombs all over the city! Save us!

Raijin doesn't take another second as he they all fan out and begin searching the city. Raijin moves through the crowd as he searches diligently for anything strange when he comes across a strange box in the end one of the alleys. He walks over to it opening the bomb up to see a big impmon head with a counter on it. "Oh crap..." Raijin says to himself. He picks up the box and begins to panic trying to figure out what to do with the bomb. He looks up to see a clear sky as the timer gets closer to 0. Raijin brings his arm back and throws the box as hard as he can sending it into the air just before it explodes. Tourists look up at the explosion thinking it was simply fire works. Raijin sighs in relief before realizing there is 6 left.

Boxes start flying up into the air as him and his digimon get rid of all seven bombs. They meet back towards the center of the city falling into each other collapsing from being so tired. Raijin looks up to see Impman watching them and running away, "H-Hey!" he calls out. He gets up and runs after Impmon his digimon following him confused. Raijin runs after him and dives tackling impmon. They turn him into the authorities and return to oogling at the shiny objects.

Michievious Impmon Complete
Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/19/10
"hm," Nozomi looked around wondering if she could figure something out. "Oh.... this is annoying...."
"Maybe yo should try reading a book or..." Labramon suggested.
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