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"That was the first time she knew"
10 years today; the sixth of June

It was a mid summer's day on the sixth of June. The birds were happily chirping with each other from the trees in the local park. An eight year old boy is seen playing with a ball by himself. He has short brown hair, like a flat top, and is wearing blue shorts, a white shirt and black shoes. After a while he stops playing and sits on a neary by bench sighing before tears begin to flow out little by little. The young boy is sad, that none of his friends from school want to come out and play with him. He sits there doing nothing for fifteen more minutes when a girl, the same age as him, appears with her mom and after playing in the same park but on the opposite side from the boy. She has long brunette hair, just a little past her neck. She's wearing a one piece dress that is white and matches her white sandals. She also has a straw hat, but takes it off before speaking with the boy.

"What's wrong? Why are you sitting alone crying? The girl said while holding onto her mom's hand as her dad was cleaning up and getting the car ready.

(sniff) "I-its because no one wants to play with me. They always say that they're too busy to come outside and play ball! The boy cried some more as his nose started running.

The girl's mother told the daughter to go and cheer the boy up as she went to help out her husband. "Heeey, how about I play with you next time!" said the girl trying to cheer up the depressed boy.

"H-how? Aren't we strangers, we don't even know each other's name or anything else." His tears stopped and his nose wasn't running anymore.

"Not anymore we aren't! I'm Alyssa, what's your name?"

"Uh... K-Kyle, my name's Kyle." said the boy at a lost for words. He never really talked to girls before, so all this was new to him.

The two continued to chat until Alyssa's mom came to pick her up. Before parting ways with each other, they both said bye. The long hot summer continued, and both Alyssa and Kyle would meet with each other regularly after their first meeting. They hung out together quite frequently that from a far you'd think they were going out. Both would go to each other's house and play or spend time with the other person's family for the day. As summer was ending, Kyle was feeling sad again because he didn't want to leave Alyssa's side.

"Hey its okay Kyle, cheer up! No matter what happens, we'll always be best of friends forever!" Alyssa said while cheering up Kyle.

"Yeah! Okay let's pinky promise then!" Kyle exclaimed being enthusiastic over the fact that not only did he make a friend who was a girl, but that this new friend had become his best friend ever. And so the pinky promise was made.

Summer vacation finally ended, and the new school year had started up again. Kyle went to school like usual but was feeling sad once again because Alyssa and her parents went back home to Los Angeles where she's originally from. They came over to San Francisco, where Kyle is from, to visit their relatives for the whole summer vacation.

Time has flew by since their first meeting and once again its summer, ten years today on the sixth of June. High school has ended for both of them and now summer vacation is right around the corner. As Alyssa was getting dressed before meeting her friends at the mall, she didn't know what this strange feeling was in her heart, but she knew for the first time in her life, that she had liked Kyle for a long time now.

After finished dressing up she headed out to meet everyone at the mall. She wore a white short sleeve shirt that just barely passed her shoulders. She also wore short-shorts because of the summer heat and white socks worn with a pair of black Converse shoes. Her hair had been growing over the years that they were past her shoulders already. It was time that she had a haircut in a long time, after cutting it short three years after she returned back home.

Half of the day had gone by since Alyssa was hanging out with her friends at the mall, that she got super tired. She decided to call it a day and left despite her friends pouting and not wanting her to go home but stay a little longer. The sun was setting and she needed to get home quickly so she opted to take a shortcut through a children's park nearby the mall. The park was supposed to be empty at this time except for a guy who was seen sitting on a swing. The man had short brown hair with blonde highlight tips. It was short, but still long enough to put gel and spike is hair. He had a white shirt with red letters that read "Learn To Fly" and blue jeans. One pant leg, the right leg, had been rolled up just below the knee. His shoes were black and had white stripes on the both sides of the shoes.

Alyssa didn't want to enter the park because she didn't want to walk past the guy, fearing that he might be a stalker. But after looking at his face past the glaring of the sun's rays shining in her direction. Her face was shocked that she slowly started walking in the man's direction with her right hand stretched out as if trying to grab him. A shadow appeared before the man's feet and as he looked up, tears started running down Alyssa's face.

"Hey Alyssa, its been a long time huh?" said the man on the swing.

"K-K-Kyle!" said Alyssa stuttering as she embraced Kyle for a big hug. After letting go, she began asking a fluery of questions. "What are you doing here!? I thought you were in San Francisco? And what are you doing in this park at this hour?"

"Well to answer those questions. My dad found a job over here, so he wanted to move out and that's why I'm now in Los Angeles. As for why I'm sitting in the park, well I wanted to see you." Kyle inhaled before continuing on. " I thought that if I was playing in this park today, I would meet you again, since today marks our ten year anniversary of the time we first met each other." said Kyle as he was smiling back at Alyssa.

Before Alyssa was able to speak, she quicklly became speechless as soon as Kyle said three words after calling out her name.

"Alyssa... I love you. I've always loved you since we were children back then and even more now." Kyle had finally said those three words after all these years since they were both children.

Finally able to form words, Alyssa spoke with even more tears flowing out. "M-me too! I love you so much!

Nightfall came by and Alyssa had finally stopped crying. The two of them spent the rest of the night catching up over the ten years that had separated them. As the lights in the park began turning on, the single thing that made Alyssa's heart beat so fast. Was the fact that Kyle had kissed her on the lips and left her speechless again.

"I'll always be by your side from now on Alyssa." And after saying that line, he kissed her on the lips again and took her back home passing through park being illuminated by the lights lit up around the park and the gazing stars shining down above them.
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indeed <3 ^^
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glad you like it Koko. my first take on a romance-y story! it was pretty good if I do say so myself >:D
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