SUmthing i wonder in Karate Kid (2010)
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Posted 6/14/10 , edited 6/14/10
Did any1 noticed that the sparring in the tournament in the movie is similiar to Sanshou? (chinese kickboxing which allows both striking and grappling. It reminds me of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts) I read that Sanshou has more emphasis on stand-up grappling and locks where as MMA has more ground grappling and locks that are often seen. Thats why the first thing that came to my mind when i saw frequent take down, throws, joint locks, chokes, submission i was "oh its like MMA" but then i think its also like Sanshou. But In the videos i saw in YT sanshou was fought using gloves, this one in movie was barehanded and its a (knockdown) point-match which makes me think another way. i was bout to say its sanshou but now im not sure @[email protected] P.S if i said anything incorrect or false, please correct me thank you

I'd be nice for me to have sum1 who r really doing kungfu/wushu to answer my question~The fights in teh tournament, Was that (similiar to) Sanshou?
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The first American version was made over twenty years ago can remember face not name. but Hollywood is really scraping the bottom with remakes. Then again most there are low life.
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That's not the answer he's looking for & the remake is better anyway.

since I don't quite remember much information about martial arts, you could probably find out on Google or something. I only seen the trailers of KK and the fighting looks mostly like what Jackie studied under.
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The recent chinese naming/classification system is very flawed.

At one point, Kung Fu was either classified as Shaolin or Wudang styles, it is still this way now.

Within these 2 classifications, it has been further split into style categories such as long range striking (focused on kicking), short range striking (focused on punching), grappling and wrestling, etc...

However, practically every style has bits of each element. For example Wing Chun is known for its chain punches at short-mid range, however it also has long range kicking techniques, grappling, joint locks, throws, etc...This applies for most styles of kung fu.

Sanshou or Sanda pretty much means freestyle fighting. In the past, it was true to its definition. A sanda tournament was an open tournament allowing any style to compete. Very much like our MMA tournaments now. A kung fu tournament allowing multiple styles is pretty much the same thing.

The modern Sanda is just a system created to compete in modern competition rules. Depending on the rules, certain sets of techniques would be more effective and it would all look very similar in the tournament.
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