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Posted 6/14/10 , edited 8/20/10
Just bored so I'm gonna keep updating as each new profession is officially announced.

If any Guild Wars players that loved playing Elementalists here's a look at what is to be expected of Elementalists in Guild Wars 2.

Update, second officially announce Guild Wars 2 profession the Warrior for those who loved to go all out melee tanking here's a look at the new Warrior and their trait system:Stance,Shout,Banner,Chain,and Burst.

Hi again, the third update for professions in Guild Wars 2 the Ranger class. Those of you who like using range more than melee here's what's to expect of Rangers in Guild Wars 2.

Even though its not on the Guild Wars 2 Mainpage the Necromancer will be coming back so all you people who loves playing with the dead enjoy the new Necromancer. (You can find a short video on the necromancer here,1.shtml
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