My own anime script
Posted 6/14/10 , edited 6/14/10
Well, my main character is a demon. He has long silver white hair and blue eyes, and is 5'10. Well here is what's about. I left some things out because it would be long.

Lorna, is a beautiful female with long black/brown hair and brown eyes, and her skin is like a medium tan and she learn martial art from the guy who saves her who later one dies, and she is after Rex father.

Rex Murdakai was born unto a chaotic world where humans and demons cannot live in harmony. Five years after Rex was born his mother abandoned him who later died from a sickness. Rex’s mother never loved Rex because Rex was always an unwanted child, and she had him 9 months after she got rape by his father, an elite assassin who was wealthy. Leaving Rex to live in such a chaotic world by himself, he witnessed all sort of sins. He witnesses adultery, rape, and other sort of violence. Rex was living in the slums. He was then found by his grandfather who happened to walk by and resembled him in an alleyway. His grandfather decides to take him in and train him with some kind of martial art to prepare him for the real world. Rex was taught to kill at such a young age, that at the age of 18 he was already known for his assassin skill. He is seen as an introverted, arrogant, emotionless and cold-hearted person. He himself grew up doing the same thing as those men he saw in the past, and became acknowledge in the demon community. Killing became his passion… Rex was a ruthless bloodthirsty killing machine, and vicious. He learned to withstand pain and poison. The word love was unknown to him or what it was.

At the age of 18, Rex rapes a human girl who happened to be blind who was desperately looking for her father in the demon community. After he’s done, he is aiming to kill her by making his hand sharp as a knife through her heart but then gets interrupted by one of his demon companion saying that something serious was going on. So she if left alive, and she is crying. A mysterious swordsman walks with 4 other human beings who looks like fighters and sees her lying down. As Izumi hears footstep she wonder who it is and ask for help. The swordsman grabs her and asks her what happens. She cries answering and she is given a choice to get her eyesight fix and forget her past or to not forget her past and be blind. She chooses to forget the past and fix her eyesight. The sword man grabs his index finger from both his hand and hit a certain area in her head. This swordsman then trains her and the past never become mention to her.

Another 5 years has passed and Rex coincidentally meets the girl he rapes 5 years ago but does not remember her and neither does her. The weird thing is that this girls (Izumi Kitase) eventually fall for him and later on in the anime she shows Rex what love is. Rex eventually remembers that she was rape and feels the need to tell her but he doesn’t say it right away. Like he feels what he did was wrong but later on in the anime he tells her the truth and she becomes angry, actually hitting him. He says he doesn’t know what’s so wrong about it, and etc.

Just a bit on what’s about but that’s not the plot.

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