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Posted 6/14/10 , edited 6/15/10
Attention! Im holding a contest for the groups profile image.I will pick 2 winners and there image (along with the currently using image) will be used as the profile image. The winners will receive a drawing of there rp character (or them) along with there element. Do your best!

Rules: You may submit up to three images, if there is more than 3 images uploaded by the contestant, the images will be deleted.

Copying an image from another contestant/ drawn by someone on deviantart,etc will have a results of being kicked from the competition

You will not be kicked if the images that are drawn by someone else (but not from another contestant) are only used for scrapping (you know like, colliding pictures and stuff like this: <<got that off of google :3

The picture has to have our group name ( Elemental Academy) on it or it wont be counted.
Good luck!
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