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Chapter 1: Coffee without Cream
Natsume Hyuuga walked on the sidewalks of town. He is sick of his tutor scolding him every time. He just had to do it. He just had to… punch.
"Who does he think he is?" thought Natsume. "I don't care. I'm sick of studying anyway, even more that dad wants me to have home schooling. This sucks"
He began walking towards the crowd. It was going to be a long day, he knew his father was going to scold him again. But he didn't care. Because even he doesn't.

-That afternoon-
The school bell just rang. Mikan Sakura hurried to get out of the classroom.
"Oh man! Darn Mr. Jinno! Now I'll be late for my part time job!" thought Mikan.
"See you Hotaru!" cried out Mikan as she waved good bye to her step sister.
Hotaru just looked back at her.
Mikan got her bike and started to pedal towards the cake shop which was about a 5 blocks away. She was in such a hurry that she almost crashed into someone.
"Hey! Watch where you're going you-!"cried Natsume.
"Sorry! Excuse me! Gotta go!" replied Mikan not even looking at him.
Mikan pedaled away.
"How annoying," said Natsume dusting of his clothes.
Mikan parked her bike at the back of the shop and rushed in.
"Amazing, you made it," grinned Tsubasa, one of her co workers.
"Yeah," she replied panting.
Mikan got her uniform and went into the ladies room and changed.
The uniform was very cute. It was a fluffy black-white and purple waitress dress with a big bow at the back, black knee high leggings, white boots, and rabbit ears/headband. Mikan put on some make-up and then she put a purple outline of a rabbit face on her right cheek, as all waitresses have. Mikan was the 'purple rabbit', but most people call her the 'purple bunny'.
There were many customers in the cake shop every Friday. There were also lots of orders. Some kids were playing inside while their mothers were busy chatting. There were college students, high school students, business men and other people.
Mikan got her tray and put on a smile. She began taking the orders of the customers.


Natsume walked into the shop and sat on the table near the window.
Mikan, not knowing who he is, walked over to him to take his order.
"Welcome to our cake shop! I'm the purple rabbit taking your order!"
Natsume winced, he thought "What a weird place,"
"I'll have coffee," he said not even bothering to look at her.
"Okay… would you like it with cream, or perhaps milk or sugar?" asked Mikan taking it down.
"Just coffee"
"Are you sure sir?"
"Yes I am!" Natsume said losing his patience.
"Okay then."
Mikan went away thinking "But that would be so bitter! Yuck! Well he seems bitter as well"
Mikan had Natsume's coffee on her tray and walked towards him. Then… destiny struck.


The manager of the shop, Mr. Misaki, was bowing to Natsume, whose pants were spilled with hot coffee, bitter coffee.
Mr. Misaki said with his head bent low "I'm really sorry sir. Mikan is just very clumsy. Please forgive me. I promise this will not happen again. Right Mikan?" He gave her a death glare.
Mikan bowed as well "I'm sorry sir. I'll make it up to you-"
"Again? Who says I'm going to come here again? And you, wench," Mikan was taken aback. "Let me tell you that these jeans cost much more than your daily wage,"
Natsume walked out of the shop.
But before he left, he glanced at Mikan "By the way, your polka-dotted panty is just so weird,"
Mikan's mouth fell open.
"Mikan! What have you done! You've lost me a customer!"


3 kids ran around Mikan who was holding the tray. Mikan lost balance and dropped the tray. The coffee splattered on Natsume's jeans and the porcelain broke. Mikan fell on Natsume. The room got quiet.
Mikan looked up and saw Natsume, who was furious.
"You again!"
"What? Do I know you sir?- Oh!"
Mikan got up and bowed "I'm terribly sorry!"

-End of flashback-

The next day, at the National Library…
Mikan walked up the stairs and looked back. There were lots of trailers and printed on it was the logo of "Flaming Productions"
"Must be another shooting," she thought. And she entered the library.
The National Library was big, it had 5 floors and Mikan got lost in there during her first visit. And she might still have been without the help of Hotaru's invention.
"Invention no. 101, The Mouse and Cheese locator and satellite Invented for those who are stupid enough to use a compass. The procedure is to leave the Cheese satellites in different places and use the Mouse locator to tract the cheese, thus bringing you back to the same place"
Mikan pressed the Up button outside the elevator. After a few seconds, it opened. Mikan entered and pressed the button to the5th floor. The song 'Breakaway' was playing in the elevator. Mikan closed her eyes and began to sing.

Meanwhile, in the 3rd floor…

"This is terrible," thought Mr. Narumi, a producer of Flaming Productions. "Sumire Shouda is a good actress, but she's a terrible singer! I have to find someone to dub her voice in the singing part of the movie. But who?"
He pressed the Up button outside the elevator.
"We need someone new, someone fresh, someone with an angelic voice…" He was deep in thought as he entered the elevator. The door closed, Mikan didn't notice him and still kept singing.
"… but where can I find one? Huh?" he looked at his side and heard Mikan singing.
"I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly.
I'll do what it takes, till I touch the sky.
I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change,
And breakaway"
"You're perfect!" exclaimed Narumi.
Mikan almost dropped her books in shock. "E-excuse me?"
"My dear tell me, have you ever thought of a singing career?"
"Me? Singing?"
"Yes! You're exactly the girl I was looking for!"
"Well… my mom did tell me I have a beautiful voice… but not that beautiful to-"
"Be a star! I'm Narumi, a producer and manager of Flaming Productions" He handed her a calling card.
"Flaming Productions!"
"That's right! Today's your lucky day dearie! Now if you would please come with me Miss-what's your name?"
"Mikan. Mikan Sakura"
"MIkan! We have a lot to talk about!" They exited the elevator.
Mikan thought "This is amazing! A producer from Flaming Productions just said I was the girl he was looking for! Yesterday, my day was like coffee without cream! But now it's coffee with lots and lots of sugar!"
And its about to get a whole lot sweeter.

Chapter 2: You Again
1 week later…

Mr. Narumi was in his office, listening to a CD using his laptop, humming to the tune. The Flaming Productions just loved Mikan's voice! All of the board of directors do as well.
"I'll make her a star," thought Mr. Narumi. "The only thing left, is the approval of the President,"
Then he saw Natsume through his transparent glass door walking along the corridors.
"Natsume!" he opened the door and waved at him.
Natsume turned his head and frowned "Don't make me hurt you," he said simply.
"Natsume, would you like to listen to a CD? I am going to show it to your father later, and I thought, if you would like it, well then, so will he,"
"I'm not like my father. And even if it's just a friendly gesture, I still won't help you," he started to walk away.

At school…

Mikan couldn't concentrate in class. She tapped her pen on her desk as she gazed outside her window.
"I wonder what the president would think of me," she thought.
"And who could be the person Mr. Narumi would introduce to me later? I bet he or she would be like my manager or something… if I get in, that is,"
Mr. Jinno looked at the class from the teacher's desk.
"It's not like I wanted to be a star or anything, it's just that… it's a great opportunity…"
Mr. Jinno stood up and started to walk towards Mikan's desk.
"I can't miss it… I just have to… grab it."
At the same time Mr. Jinno grabbed Mikan's test paper.
"Sakura! I've told you never to attend my class absent-minded! You'll receive a 0 in this quiz and a trip to the principal, now march!" He pointed towards the door.
"Mr. Jinno, please…" pleaded Mikan.
Mikan took her things and left.
"Idiot," murmered Hotaru.

-Later, Break time-

On the school grounds, Mikan sat under a tree, looking at the letter the principal wrote to her mother. Mikan sighed heavily. She was already in high school but was still a little so called 'troublemaker' to Mr. Jinno.
"Hey," Mikan looked up and saw Hotaru walking towards her.
"Hotaru… don't tell me, you're going to play the part of the evil step sister today again," said Mikan being sarcastic.
"Idiot. You're not Cinderella and I am your half sister," replied Hotaru emotionlessly. She sat down beside her and started reading the newspaper she was holding.
"Hotaru, you're the only person I know who brings newspapers to school and reads them here, well, except for teachers of course… but they're old," said Mikan.
"I'll take that as a compliment. People who read newspapers are geniuses, there are only a few geniuses in this world," she replied not taking her eyes of the newspaper.
"The world is a big place Hotaru,"
"But you proved the opposite of it, didn't you?"
Mikan sighed. She remembered telling Hotaru about the guy whom she almost crashed into, was the same guy she spilled coffee on.
"Don't worry too much on the thing,"
"What? What 'thing'?"
"You know, the thing. You may have a thick head, but certainly not a quack voice,"
"Was that a compliment Hotaru?" Mikan smiled.
"No. Just words of encouragement, that's all,"
"I think it's both. Thank you Hotaru!"
"Don't try to hug me or else I'll use my Baka gun on you,"

Later, at the lounge area of Flaming Productions, main building…

Natsume was listening to his disc man. His father confiscated his iPod for using it during his home-schooling with his 'new tutor'. Then suddenly an employee walked up to him and said that there was a phone call for him, Mr. Ruka Nogi. Natsume rolled his eyes and left his disc man on the lounge table.
Then, when Natsume left, Mr. Narumi quietly sneaked up and replaced the CD in Natsume's disc man, with Mikan's CD'
"… "
"Natsume! Hey this is Ruka,"
"Thought so. Why didn't you just call me in my cell phone?"
"I didn't know which number to call you! You have so many!"
"You have many too,"
"Well anyway, I'm heading back there now. I'm actually calling from the plane. We just finished filming the last scene and I took the first flight straight home,"
Ruka Nogi was one of the famous teenage stars in showbiz. Of course, he works for Flaming Productions. He is Natsume's only friend.
"You're an idiot. You could've went sightseeing before you went back,"
"I know. But I just had to come straight home,"
"And why is that?"
"I have a date of course,"
"What? You missed all that just for a lousy date?"
Ruka always had dates, he is popular with the ladies, just like Natsume. But he didn't take his dates seriously though he's not a playboy.
"This is different. I really like this girl, and this is the only chance I've got to date her-"
"Why? Is she about to die or something?" Natsume smirked.
"Heck no! She's kinda… uninterested in me… for now,"
"So I'll come by around your house tomorrow?"
"You'd better,"
"Come on, don't get jealous!"
"Who says I'm jealous? I'm just bored out of my mind, that's all"
"Don't you have a date?"
"You know me Ruka, I don't date. I can't stand being with women drooling over me,"
"You drool too,"
"Got any proof?"
Ruka laughed.
"See you then,"
Natsume went back and put his earphones on and pressed PLAY. Then he heard another song.
"Will it ever be?
I've tried so hard to find
Sweet serenity
Are you still afraid?
Just close your eyes and dream
The feeling fades away"
"'Cause time won't flow
Everyone knows
When the pain, fades away
And dreams won't die
With tears in our eyes
You've got to hold your head up high-
High- yeah,yeah
Hold your head up high"
"I've heard that voice before…What the heck! Who got my CD?" he thought, his eyes showed he was furious.
"Narumi," he said calmly but firmly.
Natsume marched to his office and banged open the door.
Mr. Narumi was there, tending on some paperwork. When he saw Natsume, he rushed to him. But more like, disappeared under his table and appeared in front of Natsume.
"Natsume! Well? Well! Did you like it? It's nice right? Mikan is such a good-" Mr. Narumi babbled but Natsume cut him off.
"I told you to leave me alone! I'm warning you! I could easily punch you in any angle, anywhere!"
"Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But you have to admit, Mikan's voice is-"
"What Mikan? I don't care! So give me back my CD before I can't restrain myself anymore!"
Then someone rushed in.
"Sorry if I'm late Mr. Narumi-" Mikan was shocked to see someone with him.
"It's the perverted freak, the bitter ball!" blurted Mikan, pointing at Natsume.
"Bitter ball? You're the idiot with the polka-dotted panty! What the heck are you doing here?"

Before Mikan could reply, Mr. Narumi cut in.

"Natsume! This is Mikan Sakura. It was her voice in the CD. And Mikan, this is Natsume Hyuuga, the heir to the Flaming Prductions. He's the one I was going to introduce you to,"
"But you just did," she pointed out.
"Well it seems you have met before, so I just um… gave you an introduction other than your… impressions,"
"Met? More like crashed into," said Mikan rolling her eyes.
"And why am I included here?" Natsume glared at Narumi.
"Well I-" then Narumi's secretary interrupted. "It's time for your appointment with the president,"

Now the fun's about to begin…

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