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Here is mine:

Name: Karisuma


Gender: female

Race: Wolf demon

Picture/Description:Karisuma has intense blue eyes with an intense green color in the center.... She wears a variety of lolita and casual clothing that she made with her pencil magic. She also has wolf ears and tail that she can at will hide or expose. She can transform into a wolf but only for ten minutes at a time but doesnt do it if its not an emergency.

Aligiment: good

Weapons: pencil magic (can create any weapon as long as she can draw it.

Abilities: Pen magic (draws something and can make it real. anything from food to clothes to weapons to plants to anything she can imagine.)



Bio: Was born may 26th, had a twin brother named Hale. When she was 7 her family was all slaughterd by some slave holders because they completely resisted being slaves. she wandered the woods and eventually was found by kandyla. She decided to explore the world to make new freinds and meet new people and possibly find out if her brother was still alive or not. doubtfull of it tho.




Name: Elah



Picture/Description: Elah has black eye's with green and blue specks in it causing a sparkling illusion. His hair is silver-purple. His bangs slightly cover his eyes. He always wears a spiked dog collar and a wrist band with an interesting design on it. he stands 6 ft 3 inches tall. Likes to wear a high collared Black long coat a lot. His clothes are usually dark but he has his overly bright days.

Allighnment: Chaotic nuetral

weapons: He doesnt have any weapons but for some reason can use almost any sword thrown to him.

Abilities: levitation and telepathy and can cunstruct Barriers.



Bio: Woke up 3 years ago beside a river and couldn't remember any of his past. He wanders around searching for things or people who might help him realize his true identity. He started calling himself Elah because of a dream he had the day after he awoke beside the river.
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