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Best and Worst Final Fantasy games
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M / Crapsack World
Posted 6/30/10 , edited 6/30/10

Final Fantasy 6(PS1)
Final Fantasy 7 (PS1)
Final Fantasy 9 (PS1)
Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1)


Final Fantasy 11 (MMORPG)
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28 / M / Silent Hill, West...
Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/1/10
My "Best" one was Final Fantasy x and Final fantasy x-2.

But after that, its Final fantasy 13.

none of them could be "worst" to me cause FF in general is good to me. I didn't take much liking to the ones for the wii though :/
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F / In my Winter Wond...
Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/1/10
My Best one was FF13 and FFX.

I don't see why people are calling it crappy if it was the fastest selling game in the series.
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29 / M / Unknown Planet
Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/1/10
Favorite --- Final Fantasy X no question (although the last boss was garbage)
Second Favorite --- Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Least Favorite --- Final Fantasy VII (I dont know just didnt really like it)
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29 / M / Australia
Posted 7/1/10 , edited 7/1/10
I've only played 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 12, and 13

1. FF7. I really liked the story and characters and the mini games where fun too
2. FF10. I loved blitz ball. I've probably played this one the most because of it. Tidus annoyed me though...
3. FF8. Mostly because of the card game (Triple Triad i think it was called). I also didn't mind the story

1. FF13. While the battle system was alright, you couldn't really grind like in the old ones and I actually liked grinding. Also story wasn't that good and Hope annoyed me to no end.
2. FF10-2. They messed up blitz ball and turned it into a manager game T_T
3. FF12. I didn't like the battle system as much as the other games. Overall I liked the game but I liked FF9 better so that leaves this with third place.
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26 / M / In my headquarters
Posted 10/27/10 , edited 10/27/10
I haven't completely finished (or even played) modern day FFs, just playing FFI till FFVIII (also its spin-off), so I'll list the best & the worst of all these.

Best ones: between FFIV, FFVI, and FFVII. I couldn't write the review, since I might do it wrong.

Worst one: only FF Mystic Quest (it's not for me, it's for children)
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32 / M / Singapore
Posted 10/29/10 , edited 10/29/10
So far i only played 7-12, excluding 11 since its an online game. To be honest, i find all of them nicely done, but i just loved the level up systems for 8 and 10. The worst FF by far imo is 7, the amount of fanboys created due to that crap is way overshadowing its goodness
Posted 10/29/10 , edited 10/30/10
Worst: FFXI, FFXII, Crisis Core
Haven't played XIII yet not planning on it either until it because really cheap
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27 / M / --
Posted 11/2/10 , edited 11/2/10
Given the time FF7 was released - 1997 - 3D was revolutional.
Yes, Crash Bandicoot was 3D as well - but I don't like the cartoony graphics.
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Posted 11/2/10 , edited 11/2/10
BEST for me were:

FFVll - it's my fav. in all the ff series... GREAT and AWESOME
next is FF crystal chronicles - great story I mean, I really love the story that I played it more than 10 times... I only played FFVll for 8 times..
then next is FFlll - probably kinda hard to play coz there are no save points in the caves or something but good story...
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26 / M / Flushing,NY
Posted 11/2/10 , edited 11/2/10
best: 1-6
worst: 7-13
high hopes: versus and tactics
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23 / M / in Konoha with Hi...
Posted 11/3/10 , edited 11/3/10
best: X, IIX, Dissidia,
Worst: XI, this is only worst FF for me
I also like FF13versus it is the first FF game with blood
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28 / M / Look out your win...
Posted 11/3/10 , edited 4/3/11
Hmm ok lets see this may be a bit hard.

Best three

1. Final Fantasy VII - Yes I know, it's overrated blah blah blah. In my opinion this was the one game that made Final Fantasy even appeal to me. I love the storyline and the characters are all very unique, plus with many fantastic moments. This game along with it's whole series of games/movies/novels. Are all a pleasure to play/watch/read. The overall best one in my opinion, maybe a tiny overrated but graphics don't make a game people, gameplay does. This one had it in spades.

2. Final Fantasy X and Dissidia Duodecium - Again a great storyline, minus the whole "I'm a dream and the enemy really isn't a enemy" nonsense. Plus some brilliant characters which are nearly on par with the FFVII lot. Along with great music and possibly one of the most underrated women (Yuna) that is still eye catching despite some people calling her plain. I think this was a good way to show that most 'futuristic' FF's work the best, this and VII are the golden games of FF. Duodecium the sequel/prequel game of the original Dissidia is amazing if you have not played this do so, it improves on the original in so many ways. Plus some really intresting stories that link with the wars, best handheld FF yet.

3. Crisis Core VII, Dissidia - Couldn't choose between these two, Crisis Core is a great game to tell you the past of Sephiroth and Zack's own personal story up to his death. A real pleasure to play a game which looks stunning for a PSP. Dissidia on the other hand really makes you feel like you were part of Advent Children in the fights, plus the ideas of everyone having a story and villian was spot on.


1. Crystal Chronicles - Wow what a failure of a game, these aren't really Final Fantasy they feel sloppy and underwhelming. As much as I love my old Gamecube and FF. This game was a thing better best forgotten.

2. Final Fantasy XII - DEAR GOD WHAT IS THIS! Not only was this game not good, but the characters were bland. Story was terrible and fighting really did feel like a chore. I still couldn't believe this even got a sequel game on DS I'm absolutly amazed, avoid like the plague.

3. Final Fantasy X-2 - Yeah this game was a bit of a dissapointment for us really, especially since X was good. I love Yuna and all, and it is memorable fanservice, but sadly the gameplay was just a bit too weak for me.
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31 / F / PLACES
Posted 11/4/10 , edited 11/5/10
Best - Final Fantasy 7. While it wasn't the first game to kill a big character, it had a lot of other things that led to it being a good game -a villain that wasn't pure evil, but rather misguided and a bit more sympathetic, strong character development on ALL sides, etc. People might say that this game was overrated, but honestly, Final Fantasy would remain relatively unknown and underplayed and it would NOT be what it was today without Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 6 was solid, but FFVII was groundbreaking, even if it isn't all that great by today's standards. The point is that it introduced people not only to the Games, but to RPG games as a whole, and brought a lot of fame to the Playstation system and made Squaresoft into a household name. FFVII was one of the most important games of that system and of that era.

WORST - Final Fantasy X-2. Jesus, why was this game made?
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21 / F / Indonesia
Posted 11/19/10 , edited 11/19/10
FFXIII is the best one.
FFXII is ... the worst IMO.
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