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Best and Worst Final Fantasy games

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Posted 11/19/10 , edited 11/19/10
i like ffxii and ffxiii.
the plots in both are interesting and simple to understand for those new to the series.
The rare weapons are fun to use.

Awesome summons and summon specials.

Wide variety or weapons and spells.
(those pros are pretty much in all the series though)
getting the items you need to sell to buy the best weapons from the bazaar can be EXTREMELY tedious. (ex. tournsoul)

The main character Vaan is irritatingly stupid (to me)

The stereotypical black guy. The big afro and everything lol.(He even HAD to use guns. Though he's still cool.)

Two REALLY annoying characters. I can't remember they're names off the top of my head. Its the little blonde kid and the chick with the orange hair.

The worst imo is ffvii
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Posted 11/19/10 , edited 11/20/10
Best: FFX because of the story and gameplay. Yuna was an angel in 10

Worst: FFX-2 OH MY GAWD Yuna turned into a whore who will [email protected] everyone just to give her a mission.
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Posted 11/22/10 , edited 11/22/10
best 3

1. FFX loved everything about it,
2. FFV job class system was awesome and made the game enjoyable to play
3. FF Tactics, sure I played War of the Lions version but the core game play is the same


3. FFIV EVERYONE DIES! I hated that
2. FF Crystal cronicles lame lame lame
1. FF1 I find it hard to believe that this pile of trash saved Square from going out of business, seriously using RPG maker from like 10 years ago I made a better rpg
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Posted 11/28/10 , edited 11/28/10
the best FF : FF:X it's perfect in terms of story and gameplay it also never gets old because of the challenging enemies and super bosses

the worst FF:X-2 : the game just sucked , the story was bad the gameplay was fine but the game didn't have much to offer .
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21 / F / under your bed >:)
Posted 1/2/11 , edited 1/2/11


nuff said.
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Posted 1/2/11 , edited 1/3/11
Best: FF12. great story, gameplay, features, characters, & battle system.
Worst: FF13. horrible gameplay, battle system, & characters. & i lost interest in the story midway, wasted 35hrs & 60 bucks on that game.
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Posted 2/4/11 , edited 2/5/11
Of the main series after VI

Best: Final Fantasy IX

Worst: Final Fantasy VIII
Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11
well i love them all
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Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11
I haven't actually even played FFXII and XIII yet even though I have them, but excluding the MMORPGS and Tactics (Which was awesome)

Best: Final Fantasy VII
The story, world, characters, combat system. Everything in VII was the best of the entire series in my opinion. Even better than VI which I had played when it was first released in the US as III, and replayed when it was re-released as VI.
(Tactics would be here or at 3 if I were including it, based off of story alone it would be here, seeing as I generally hate SRPGs, this is saying alot)
Final Fantasy IX: this felt a like a brief return to the glory days of FF a bit to me, unfortunately it didn't last seeing how X turned out
Final Fantasy VI(III) This was a good one a classic, but for me personally it isn't as good as the previous two for me, seeing as I played FF VII when it was first released I am not affected by the usual "It's popular so it sucks" mentality that some people have who played FF after VII became a huge hit have regarding VII and VI in their quality.

Worst: Final Fantasy X
Basically it was the exact opposite of VII to me, story and world weren't particularly interesting, nor were the characters or combat system, also I seem to remember it being somewhat annoyingly grindy somehow.

I haven't played X-2 past a few minutes so I suppose it would be above X or here as it was basically more of the same.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Just not too great .
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Posted 2/7/11 , edited 2/7/11
My best would be FF7
My worst: FF13 I couldn't get into the story, the characters, and the pacing/linearity of first 10 chapters...
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Posted 3/13/11 , edited 3/13/11
I think that IX was the best, and that VII was the worst.

From what I have played...


IX: I really loved IX, I just like how everything goes with it.
XII: I absolutely love customization and what they did in this game was just that.
X-2: I just find it fun and I like how you can change the characters class, I hate in other games where you get a party of so and so and being stuck with their abilities that I won't like.

VII: I found this game extremely boring, and the graphics I thought were horrible.
VIII: I found this game boring too.
X: I don't hate X, but I think it get's old really fast.
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Posted 3/14/11 , edited 3/14/11
1. FF IX - Dunno why I love it so much, but I do. I enjoy the different characters and the story. Also, the Chocobo Hot and Cold was fun. lol
2. FF X - It was the game that introduced me to the series actually. I had heard of them before it, but it was the first one I played. Though looking at it now, it seems shallow in places, it still holds a place for being a good game, and a hit off for me.
3. FF Crystal Chronicles - This may be a surprise to some people, seeing as only a few people here seemed to have listed it favorably. I liked it for the play style. Sure it has little story or depth, and sure it is repetitive, but gather a few friends and play together, and you have a fun little time. Especially with the Crystal Chalice. lol

1. ALL OTHER CRYSTAL CHRONICLES GAMES!!! - The rest of the games failed, pure and simple. They changes a simple, satisfying game, into 1. A poor story about a boy and his sister, and going through time, with only half decent multiplayer, 2. A cross console online multiplayer with only half decent gameplay and almost no story, and 3. A telekenetic rock thrower. Need I say more on that one?
2. FFXIII - Not a horrible game, not at all. But for all the time it took to get out, and how much it was worth, it was piss poor. The story is good, the graphics are insane, and the characters are somewhat good. That's the end of my likes of it. It had a easy battle system, that made the game a little too easy in places, and seemed too simple. With the graphics of it, I would have loved to see a Star Ocean style battle system mixed in, where you have free movement. Even the old fashion turn based is harder at times. The kicker for me was the saving. If you die in battle, you can RESTART FROM OUTSIDE!!! Unless it is a boss battle, that means you get a free ticket to avoid battle, or go grind till you can do it. No punishment. I only saved when I had to shut off my PS3.
3. N/A. The rest are at least decent enough that I can't dislike them, or just not good enough to make my top 3. Or in the case of some of the offset games such as tactics and the other VII games, I never played them. I did play X-2, and enjoyed it. I'll agree, not the best, but it stays in the good range on in books.
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Posted 3/14/11 , edited 3/14/11
Okay the best three.

FFVI - I loved the story, the gameplay, everything about this game. It was just amazing to play though, and there were so many side bits to take care of at the end. Do you rush through? Do you get your group back? I don't know I just loved it.

FFVII - I agree the graphics were blocky, but is that really a good enough reason to rate it badly? I mean come on, graphics are actually one of the last things i look for in a game, so long as they're consistant i'm happy. It had a great storyline and the most memorable heroes and villains. Not to mention a huge host of different characters, which seems to be lost on the later games where they're all pretty damn similar.

FFIV - I can't remember much about this game tbh, All i remember is I loved it, which is why its added to my top three list.

Honorable mention goes to FFX, not so much for the game, but because I love Rikku, she's my future wife.

And for the bottom 3.

FFXII - I'm sorry this was just aweful, it was the 2nd FF I failed to complete, it was just terrible, the characters were bland and boring, the world was bland and boring, and the story was, well... I'm not actually sure what the story was in this one, evil empire, something random happens which makes no sense and your in a desert or something I don't remember. I also couldn't stand the battle system, if I wanted to play an MMO i'd buy one.

FFX2 - no, just no. I managed to push through this game, and i mean push through, it took effort to play it. But the moment I found they'd destroyed my beloved blitzball I just couldn't take it anymore. Not to mention how horrific the story was. *shakes head*

FF9 - people seem to be mixed on this one, you either love it or hate it. I hated it. The story was kind've lame, the final boss was lame, the characters were lame. (unless you rename Garnet to Garnet, that scene is great) I personally count 9 as the start of the downfall of the final fantasy series. But like I said, 9 seems to be a love hate game.
Posted 3/14/11 , edited 3/15/11
The Best:

FF VI: Awesome story, great characters and great variation between character abilities.
FF IX: Amusing story. great characters, great soundtrack and the locations and art style was great.
FF VIII: (Screw all you haters) I loved the story I think Squall is a bad ass (yeah yeah as bad ass as an EMO kid can be anyway) And I really liked the Junction System. You could really make some crazy overpowered characters if you did it right.
FF V: Great story and i loved the battle system.
FFX: Was a cinematic masterpiece had great gameplay and characters and was very enjoyable.

The Worst:

FFXIII: Seriously what was this horribly linear game with the most repetitive soundtrack I've ever heard doing with the Final Fantasy title attached to it. Squenix if you are going to completely change the flow and feeling of a game in a certain collection, PLEASE just give it it's own name don't throw the final fantasy name on it just to try and make it sell.... I'M LOOKING AT YOU CRYSTAL CHRONICLES!!! (And U.S. Version of Mystic Quest!)
FFXII: Though I cna't say this game was awful. The battle system was a disaster.
FFX-2: I loved the battle system i thought it was reminisce of Final Fantasy V's except classes were changeable during battle (Awesome!) But besides that... Seriously Squenix what were you thinking!!!

2 pictures that make my Final Fantasy opinions count LOL

Me standing Infront of Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy I-X and XIV composer for those who don't know)

This is why I was standing there!

Posted 3/18/11 , edited 3/18/11
3rd - FF2
Christ, i hate the leveling up system, you take damage to increase max HP or some shit, its been a long time since I played it though.

2nd - FF12
The thing was kinda... Meh, especially the battle system,

1st - FF5
FUUUUUUU- (This is my personal opinion, I really didn't like FF5 :/

3rd - FF1
Yeahhh, I never played the original NES version, but I did play the GBA Port, it was awesome

2nd - FF4
I loved the story, characters, gameplay, the dungeons, the world, etc

1st - FF9
First FF I ever played to be honest, I loved the music, the characters were unique, the story was epic, the graphics were good, sidequests (Especially Hot n Cold, which with the Chocographs enabled you to get equipment and skills before you can get it at shops at stuff... For example, getting the Black Robe before the Desert Palace, which gave me Flare). I probably spent over 300 hours including all my re-runs through it.
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