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Posted 6/16/10 , edited 6/17/10
Character Making ~

Halo Arch: Broken Chain [Form]
Halo Arch: Broken Chain, is a new story I'm coming up with.
It's an action/fantasy/love novel. I will post the latest uploads on my story on a thread called
"Halo Arch: Broken Chain [Naruko2010]" as soon as possible.
For now please make your roleplay characters and I will then make a "RP HA:BC" or Halo Arch: Broken Chain thread.
Please refrain from asking if you can RP until you see the possible new threads.

Character Name (will add your name to story):
Do you speak a foreign language?:
Picture (drawn or from internet. HQ ONLY!!):
Payment (upload your own drawings onto the photo album or pay six buddies MAKE PROOF):

I suggest you upload drawings so I can see them. X3

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