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Posted 1/8/11 , edited 1/8/11
Name: Ayumi

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Race: Japaneese


* what she looks like now because she has been brain washed*

* her appearance when she emerges to the human world to capture more slaves for Muzai*

Aligiment: (Good, Neutral, Evil, etc.) : overdramatic and sly. independent. kind hearted.

Weapons: claws and wind element

Abilities: agile, has the ability to be a "copy cat", superb hearing, sneaky ( makes a good spy)

Weaknesses: water and passes out after using too much exertion( if she uses her abilities non-stop without food or rest. can only last about a day or so without it. is not able to gain strength through eating another's power like her sister.)

Limitations: fighting at close range (is only good at evading people)

Bio: At the age of 3 Ayumi's village burned down. Being one of the few survivors of the tradgedy Ayumi ( 3 yrs.) and Amaya (5 yrs.) set out to destroy the people that had brought them such pain. During one of the battles Ayumi was kidnapped (age 9) and brought to the island of DEO just off the coast of the city Muzai where illegal trading of slaves from the surface are sold to Muzai. After serious beating and truama Ayumi loses her memory and is sold of to one of the government officials of Muzai who hand her over to one of their main slave holders. She is to be used as a tool because of her unique abilities and will be made to protect the house and defend the 3 descendants of Yami when called for.

To ensure that Ayumi never becomes a threat by regaining her memory they assigned a gardian, Kitsune the fallen Angel,
to watch over her and report her progress to them on a regular basis. Having no memories of the past will make Ayumi an enemy against her loving sister Amaya in the battle against the decendants.

Other: Ayumi is the younger sister of Amaya.
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