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Post Reply [Game] The Ringo and Wish Story
Posted 6/17/10 , edited 6/17/10
ringo is walking down the street and she bumps into a boy with shades and a hoodie

the shades come off and fall to the ground, then Ringo notices something and screams w/ happiness

Ringo: AH! its WISH! OMG!! ITS____

Wish covers her mouth and shushes her to be quiet

*Now you continue the story!*

Posted 6/17/10 , edited 6/18/10
Ringo: (mumbles)

Wish: (looks around to make sure no one is around) (runs somewhere with Ringo and hides)

Fan Girls: Huh? I thought Wish was here?

Wish: (uncovers Ringo's mouth) Please don't scream... Fans are after me.

Ringo: (eyes sparkles) (In thought) Wish is cute...(sighs)

Wish: Eh? (waves hands in front of Ringo's eyes) Umm...


Wish: SSH! (puts finger to lips)

Ringo: Gomendosai...

*Next person adds on*
Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/18/10
Rigo gasps

Ringo: What are you doing here? Your suppose to be in a world tour!

Wish: We stopped not to far from here---Hey you looked familiar do i know you???

Rigo looks around

Rigo: ive never meet you before!

Wish: i know, you look like one of the girls from that group that was singing at my concert when i was late....only younger.

Ringo: um....

Posted 6/18/10 , edited 6/18/10
Ringo: Oh, you mean Lilpri? Umm...I look nothing like them at all! I'm just a kid! *laughs nervously*

Wish: umm....

Ringo: Uh....Anyway do you like apple pie?

Wish: Apple pie?

Ringo: My dad's apple pies are the best in the world! You have to try one!

Wish: But what if someone sees me?...

Ringo: Then I'll bring one to you! Stay here! *runs off*

Wish: Wait! Uh...

Ringo returns a couple of minutes later

Ringo: Here you are!

Wish: *takes* For me?

Ringo: Mhmm! I wanted to bring you one at your concert but a certain fart head wouldn't let me in! *pouts and crosses arms*

Wish: *opens box and takes a piece of pie* ..... *eats*

Ringo: Well?

Wish: *swallows* It's really delicious...

Ringo: He likes it... *eyes sparkles again*

Wish: umm....anyway, what's your name again?

RIngo: Uh....R-ri...ri...

Wish: Ri?

Ringo: *shakes head no* My name is Ringo!

Wish: *laughs*

Ringo: Eh? What's so funny?

Wish: Your name means apple. And your dad makes apple pie. I find it funny

Ringo: *blushes of embarrassment* You're so mean!


Posted 7/3/10 , edited 7/4/10
Wish: It was a compliment .

Ringo: *blushes and get nervous* uhh... um... i guess i'll just --!

Wish: Don't go...

Ringo: *blushes* what.. did... you say..?

Wish: If someone spots me, then I'm dead.. *clears throat* so.. um.. do you still have any of that ringo pie?

Ringo: *blushes* apple pie..

Wish: *laughs* i was just kidding.

Ringo: *smiles* i have a bunch of apple pies at my house. want to come?

Wish: But the people..

Ringo: Don't worry, it's close to here! *drags Wish to her house, which was, like she said, very close*

*they go in the house, and it is very quiet. Ringo grabs Wish the last apple pie, and they sit in the living room*

Wish: It's so quiet here.

Ringo: Yeah. I had to sneak out. My parents and 7 brothers went out to buy the apple pie's ingredients since it's all gone. They left me 2 apple pies to eat in case I was hungry.. But I gave them to you.. so....

Wish: Sorry. Are you hungry? Want a bite?

Ringo: *blushes* I'm fine... *smiles* um... if it's fine, can I have a picture with you?

Wish: Sure.. *finishes the apple pie*

*Ringo goes in her room, and get a camera, and they take a picture*

Ringo: Thank you... *eyes sparkle* I'll add that picture to my collection!

Wish: *laughs* what?

Ringo: A collection. I've got loads of posters, pictures, images, and EVERYTHING of you! Want to see?

Wish: Uh... sure *smiles*

Ringo: Come, it's in my room!

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Posted 7/5/10 , edited 7/5/10
(Goes up to her room Ringo grabs phone also)

Wish: Wow! You really are a fan!

Ringo: Oh yes, I am!

Ringo: You should meet my friends Leila and Natsuki they are big fans too!

Wish: Sure, I love meeting my fans.

(Ringo dials and Leila and Natsuki arrive very soon)

Wish: Wow! All three of you are very similar to Lil Pri!!

All three of the girls: Really!? No way!

Sei: Wish

Wish: Your parakeet knows my name? You have a squrriel as a pet? What is that, a toy?

Dai: I'm a doormouse!!


Natsuki: This is a toy!

Wish: I know you guys are Lil Pri!! I'm soo sure that Im gonna reveal a secret.

(Wish transforms into his origional form, Chris, the rabbit fully dressed. The girls have seen Chris before, but he has been a mysterious character until now. Chris usually leaves, taking a pocket watch out, whispering, "Oh, its time." Chris has said before that he is from Fairyland. )

**continue story**
Posted 7/14/10 , edited 7/14/10
Ringo & Leila & Natsuki : YOU are Wish?!?!

Wish(In Chris's Form) : *silent*

Leila : Woah. Wish, you are good-looking in real life...

Natsuki : And yet ...

Ringo: You are so cute in your Fairyland form!

*Ringo looks around the room, and sees Sei and Dai only*

Ringo: Where's Ryoku?

Natsuki: Ryoku! Oh my god! I totally forgot about him! I accidently tied him up when I took a bath, and then you called me so I forgot about him! I'll be right back! You guys stay, and YOU GUYS *points at Sei and Dai* come with me.

*Sei and Dai just follows and give the -okay.... look-

Leila: Wait! Don't go, Dai!

*Leila, Natsuki, Sei, and Dai leaves the room*

Ringo: You guys..!

*Ringo looks around the room another time*

Ringo: Chris? O.O

Posted 7/22/10 , edited 7/23/10
(well, since no one's posting this, i guess i'll continue it again)

Chris: Don't look!

Ringo: Where are y--

-Chris was naked when he transformed back to his human form-

Ringo: -blushes- OMG! YOU'RE NAKED.

Chris: Do you have any extra clothes?

Ringo: -turns around and doesn't dare to see Chris naked- Well, I do have an extra outfit.. but WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR OTHER CLOTHES?!

Chris: They always disappear everytime I transform.

Ringo: I'll get you my brothers' clothes! -runs to her 7 brothers' room and comes back with an outfit- Here!

-After Wish/Chris wears the outfit, he leaves the room-

Ringo: Where are you going, Wish?

Chris: I'm going to Paris soon.
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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10
leila & ringo :WHYYYY

wish:it is a world tour and i only came to stop here....ill be back in a couple of months though...BYE


leila: hes gone

*natsuki, ryoku, sei and dai come back*

*natsuki panting*: im back....and i have my camera....WHERES WISH????

*ringo hides behind leila*

ringo: well he kinda went back for his world tour

leila: *dreamily* and we got t see him naked.... OH WISHHH!!!

natsuki: you....saw...him...NAKED WITHOUT MEEEE

*chases leila and ringo with a bat and the ma-pets sit on the couch wit a bag of popcorn*

-next person-
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Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10
2 people ago it said that he transforned to chris FULLY clothed lol
Posted 8/5/10 , edited 8/6/10
(LOL you made it so interesting xDDDD msDgirl!)

Ringo: Helpp!~

Leila: How DARE YOU Chase us >:O!!! -screams and runs with their hands up in the air-

-The Ma Pets: Was it just me, or did Leila just had a character exchange?-
-Sei; Who knows?

-30 Minutes Later-
(Leila, Natsumi and Ringo sitting on the floor, drinking water-

Natsumi: I.... still ... can't...believe... you...guys... saw ... Wish.... naked..... guys... see... his... weeeweee..?

Ringo and Leila red face: PERVERT!

Natsumi's ma pet: Natsumi... how dare you... SAY THAT YOU WANT TO SEE HIS WEEEWEE, AND NOT MINE'S.

Natsumi: -O.O- WTH. Who wants to see your's?

Ringo: Ewwwwww -=.=''-

Leila: Could it possibly be... you like Natsumi, Ryoku? -gives the ugly face-
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Posted 8/5/10 , edited 8/6/10
Natsumi: *Whips out knife from her hair and violently stabs Ryoko*

Leila&Ringo: What are you doing?!?!

Natsumi: Did you hear what he just said to me?!?!

Wish voice in the next room: Ringo come here.. and change into LilPri.. I have a suprise for you
Posted 8/7/10 , edited 8/8/10
*back to Natsumi, and Ryoko and the ma pets*

Natsumi: How dare you - how dare you - how dare you - HOW DARE YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME! -stabs Ryoko with a long knife-

Ryoko: W-Was I rejected?

Sei: Yep...

Dai: Who would accept someone as ugly as you?!

Ryoko: wahhhh! -crys off in a corner-

(hehe i don't know hwo to continue Ringo and Wish's moment ! the next person please!)
Posted 8/7/10 , edited 8/8/10
Leila: I think Wish just called you, Ringo.

Ringo: He did?

Natsumi: -nods- He said " Ringo come here.. and change into LilPri.. I have a suprise for you " -stares at poor Ryoko being teased by cute Sei and Dai-

Leila: Ehhh, luckyyyyyy.

Ringo: Sorry, Leila -says sympathetically- After all, Wish did call me... so I'ma go first..


-Ringo sees it, and quickly run back to Leila and wipe her tears- Ringo: Ahh, please don't cry.

Natsumi: -sigh- Don't worry. I'll take care of it -smiles at Leila- don't cry. Crybabies cry. You're not a cry baby! C'mon, Leila. -looks at her and sees more tears running down her cheeks- Ahahahaha.. I was just kidding, Leila...

-Ringo enters the next room and transforms into Lil Pri without the ma pets knowing. Wish smiled and covered Ringo's eyes-

Wish: I have a surprise for you... my princess..

(Continue please ! Sorry I made it long >.>)
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Posted 8/11/10 , edited 8/11/10
wish: look its a surprise party im making leila....dont tell her though

ringo: ok.. i was thinking about it to but i dodnt know what to get made it easier for me now

wish: ok dont tell finish decorating coz your taller now (shes in lilpri mode lol) and ill get leila and natsuki

* walks towards the bedroon door*

ringo: ok...*whispers* natsuki....*wide eyed and shouts * wait natsukis not in the right mind to see anyone

too late

*wish opens the door to be greeted by stuffing everywhere ( im making the ma-pets made of stuffing) and natsuki holding a knife*

wish: HOLY CRAP why do you have a knife

leila: oh wish it started whe you left...well she came back and we told her that we saw you turn back to that we saw know *blushes*...and well she kinda got aggressive when we told her you missed it....hehe...i suggest you....RUN!!

*leila runs to after transforming to lilpri mode and grabs his arm and drags him to a safe place*

(technicaly their aloe in lets say....a park??)

*ok in said park they go to a bench a sat down*

*back to natsuki and ma-pets*

natsuki: *while crying* i finally get to see him and he thinks of me as a lunatic...WAAAA WAAAAA

*rigo enters*

ringo: wheres wish and leila they should be here

natsuki: they left while i was still rampaging around the room...i was about to attack them though *still crying*

*back to leila and wish*

wish :now the surprise is ruined...

leila: *still in lilpri mode* what surprise??

wish: well i got ringo to help me with your surprise party but now....*sigh*

leila: aww thats soo sweet * kisses cheek* it doesnt matter...hey how about we hang out...just the 2 of us...we need disguises though.....

(continue...soz i made it long and mabey turn it into a leila x wish story but i like the pairinf he XD >o<)
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