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Dear Yiseunggi,
My friend at school made me feel bad by saying that my outfit looked really un-matching,weird, and kiddy. It made me feel sad. Should I say something about it? Or should I just forgive her and let it pass?
Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10

yiseunggi: Forgive him/her and pass. But if it happens again, be confident. Just wait about 5-10 seconds, shrugging your shoulders, then walking away is the best comeback ever. It's mature, and you don't get to say anything, but believe me, they come off looking like the idiot, not you.

I heard silence freaks most people out. They panic, they get anxious, they don't know what to expect.

Give the unexpected, it's the best comeback ever.

If you feel like you dont have confident, go tell an adult.

Don't take it to heart... people are jerks. You are better than them!
Posted 6/21/10 , edited 6/21/10

okay. Thanks! I feel alot better now! ^^

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