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This is Professor Oak's Lab you can come here to obtain your first Pokemon. You can ask him questions about your Pokemon. Once you "catch" more Pokemon you can keep them here in Professor Oak's Garden and trade them off whenever you want.
Choices are:
Fire Type: Charmander
Water Type: Squirtle
Grass Type: Bulbasaur
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-Walks to Oaks Lab-
(Miki, i hope i'm doing this right!)
Hikki:Hmm. Where is that crazy pokemon professor?
Oak: Oh! Hello, Hikki. Sorry i'm late.Which pokemon are you starting with?
Hikki: Hm, Squirtle!
Oak: Ah, excellent choice...
-Tosses Hikki pokemon ball-
Oak: Any questions before you begin your journey?
Hikki: Yeah...Um, I kinda have one....Can...Um...Pokemon mate...?You know...Have babies?
-Awkward Silence-
Oak: Ahem...Why,uh,yes they can! Of course...
Hikki: Oh. OK! Thanks professor! Maybe one day I can meet Ash!
Professor Oak's mind: Who is Ash?
Oak: Bye Hikki! Good luck!
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*Walks outside*
Hikki:I wonder why nobodies here...I guess i'll just sadley start my journey with no one...
*Releases Squirtle*
Hikki:Hi Squritle! I'd eat you but if I did I would be screwed if a pokemon attacked me, so promise when I get a stronger pokemon you'll cook up nicely for me?
Hikki:Good, now i'm too lazy to get you back in my pokeball so be like pikachu and follow me around?
*Squirtle nodds*
*Walks in forest*
Hikki:Oh! There's a caterpie!*
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