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This is Professor Elm's Lab you can come here to obtain your first Pokemon. You can ask him questions about your Pokemon. Once you "catch" more Pokemon you can keep them here in Professor Elm's Researching Garden and trade them off whenever you want.
Choices are:
Fire Type: Cyndaquil
Water Type: Tododile
Grass Type: Chikorita
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Renee: *looked at her sleeping Cyndaquil* "Well it's time to leave"
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Kenshi walked with his sister Laeni as they walked over to a bench to sit down. Laeni sat looking at her pokeball and said "Kenshi, I can't beleive I have a Chikorita." Kenshi smiled at her and said "Well Professor Elm is a nice guy, I got my Cyndaquil from him when I was ten. I just wanted to wait to leave til you could come." He looked around and said "I wonder if the Prof. is still here to meet you sis."
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