Post Reply Why Do You Hate Deryk.?
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Ohhhkayys! Since I Am The One Who Is Creating The Topic I Should GO First.

Ohkays! I HATE Deryk B/c He Lied To My Bestie Frand And Saying That He Loves Her But Then We Found Out That He Made Another Account And Telling Other Girls That He Likes/Loves Them. Pshh! Why Would He Even Say I LOVE You In The First Place If The Love Isnt There.?
Well Yeahh Thats My Reason Why.

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Lol. Well My Reason Is Because I Was The Person He Said " I Love you" To So Basically He Played Me. >< And He Is Also The Main Reason Why I Barely Trust Guys Now.

Thanks Deryk. ><

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Well Because That FOo Hurted My Lillian.! That Dumb Bitchhh! >< Lillian I Love You And You Dont Need A Man Like That Loser.
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Yeahh! I HATE Him Because He Hurted Lillian! >_<
Why Do Guys Haveta LIE.? Pshh! I STILL Dont Get It!
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Because That Foo Hurted Lillian!
And He Is A Player.
And A FAKER! Goshh! I HATE him!

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Beause He Isa faker of LOVE! And Hurted Lillian! ><
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