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Posted 6/19/10 , edited 6/23/10

Yupzxc!! haha its opened ;D hooooray. haha joking.
ok so uhh just go ahead and buy if you take a liking to it ok (:

hmmm i guess there'll be a limited number of stock ;x
cause no one would like to have save avii with many ppl right?
i'll be making 3 new ones every month / IF the graphic is sold out.

Please pay up ok (: haha HQ pics will be nice (Y)

please do give comments, it'll be appreciated.
and and and don't worry about critisizing my work (:
its need for me to improve right (:
Give me suggestions about what kinda graphics you'll wanna see in my shop next.

Anything other than aviis can be suggested (:

Fill up this form.

Name: ( your name duhh (: )
Username: ( user! )
Selected Graphic: ( eg. Avatar Two! )
Anything extra: ( request to add more brushes etc)

Avatar One!
Payment: 5 pics

Avatar Two!
Payment: 5 pics

Avatar Three!
Payment: 5 pics
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