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Here in the Grasslands you can catch all sorts of Pokemon. Work with your Pokemon to catch these Pokemon.

Check this Website Below to see which Pokemon You can catch:
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E: so,, buddy, where do you want to go?
i think i want to head to sunnyshore, after all i have a job waiting for me.
i am a gym leader to be!
B: pip pilup!
E: yeah...
P: *parksa and jumps out at them*
E: !!
B: piplup!
E: piplup, use growl!
B: *growls, lowering the poochyena's attack*
E: now! use Pound!
B: *does so, knocking out poochyena*
E: *throws a pokeball and catches it*
hmm its a girl..
*thinks of the girl at rowans lab*
allright, peach.
B: pip!
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