Post Reply Who are our genin who made characters and need a team find others and create a team.
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Posted 1/5/08 , edited 1/5/08
Heres my character and I just need a team
Name: Kyno Akurison
Built:medium-big athletic


Village:Sand village

Clothing style:
ALL black and red clotehs Black hair
choice of weapons:

ninjustu/tai/gen type:Uses all three types. Uses the sand to kill his enimes and work with his team.

types of techniques: Can use a jutsu called Sand Destruction Justsu Which destroys everything in his path even if it hits u slightly you will be paralized for life.

history:Parents Trained him to use his sand powers to defend himself and the people he loves in his life until age 11 when he was Kidnapped by Itachi before he killed the rest of the people in his life. Itachi trained him until he was 14 then left him off in the village hidden in the leaves where he met his team and entered the chunin exams He and his team all one their matches and went on to the finals where his remaining 2 team members lost their matches and he became a chunin
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