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Post Reply Which character do u hate the most? >=l
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27 / F / Hiding in Hiruma'...
Posted 1/17/11 , edited 1/17/11
Yagiri Namie is the only one I hate.
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21 / F / Linköping, Sweden
Posted 1/24/11 , edited 1/24/11
Vorona, Saki, Namie, Ruri, Seiji, Mika, Horoda, Izumi... Well, they're the ones I can think of right now.

Vorona is a bitch who wants to crush Shizuo (good luck, idiot -.-).

Saki is the reason why my darling Kida has left Ikebukuro, and also the one who made it possible to destroy his life, and she's also the reason he was almost killed!!

Namie if just so damn bitchy. She thinks she's so great and stuff, and she hurts innocent people for her stupid brother's sake! What is there to love about this bitch?

Ruri tried to kill Kasuka after he saved her!! She can die in the Higurashi world.

Seiji stabbed Shizuo with a pen. Shizuo kicked his ass big time but Seiji still deserves to die.

Mika is annoying, she loves a maniac without a proper reason, and when she bumped into Kida and he helped her up, she didn't thank him, just ran away like some sick bitch as if he'd done anything bad to her.

Horoda turned the YS against Kida and almost got him killed, I wish Kida would've stabbed him in the head with that knife as he said he would have if Mikado and Anri weren't there.

Izumi destroyed Kida's life and Aoba's too. If it weren't for him, Aoba wouldn't be such a manipulative and evil bastard. D.I.E.
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22 / F / Sacramento
Posted 3/6/11 , edited 3/7/11
I hate Orihara Izaya. He pisses me off trying to mess with other people's lives. He sets everything up likes it's some game.
Posted 5/10/11 , edited 5/10/11
@Yori Nyan, I like your hate list they were all annoying.

I hated Seiji since the was so stupid of him to go to school just to say that he wouldn't go to school anymore WTF? and then with his gf all they do is walk around, if someone gets bear her, he goes on with his "no one will destroy our love" stupid speech....ack so annoying!! and she's ugly! but he's even uglier!!
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F / Just somewhere
Posted 11/10/11 , edited 11/10/11
I detest Namie on some way that I self don't know why....( Aside that she has a bitchy character ). And I don't think that it's because her feelings towards her brother and actions.
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19 / F
Posted 7/30/18 , edited 7/30/18
Vorona, Seiji, Namie, Mika and Mikage.

Vorona sticks her nose in other people's business, like when she tried to kill Izaya for Shizuo. She's also trying to kill Shizuo apparently? Good luck with that bitch. If she's trying to kill him then why did she save him from getting crushed by a crane in volume 12. And she got injured at her own expense trying to save Shizuo. She also refused to shoot him.

Then there's the yandere trio; Seiji, Mika and Namie. They're all crazy and unreasonable when it comes to what they call "love". And Namie just gets on my nerves. EVERYTIME.

Last but not least, Mikage Sharaku. All she's done was Izaya's bidding the entire time. She's no different from any of his fangirls with the exception that she might've had some shitty romance going on with him. She says she hates Izaya but all she does is help him and she told Kine that Izaya is "like a drug, addicting and she can't stay away from him", I'm so done right now.
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