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. . . . . . . . . . . . W i s h . . . . . . . . . . . .
by embie

One must always be careful what they wish for. We’ve heard the saying so many times, but often we do not truly realize its meaning, or how true it really is. There are few people in the world who truly understand the saying and all that it entails.
Long ago, a young man ran through the woods.
Long ago, he stumbled upon a witch.
Long ago, she said she would grant one wish for the young man.
Long ago, he said, “Make sure my daughter is loved by everyone.”
Long ago, she said, “As you wish.”

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

Albert Sturn wiped the sweat off his brow, and stepped out of the mill for a breath of fresh morning air. The horseshoes he was making would be worn by one of the most beautiful creatures he’d ever encountered. He wanted to put the proper time into creating them.

He’d been thinking about that night a lot lately. He’d had dreams about it, nightmares even. Everything he saw, it seems, reminded him of that fateful night.

“Papa? Would you like me to refill your water pouch?”

Albert opened his eyes and gazed into those of his 19 year old daughter, Alena. He smiled warmly and nodded. “Why, yes, please. Thank you, bunny.” His daughter especially reminded him of that night. He watched her retreating back as she took his water pouch to the well for a refill.

He closed his eyes again and leaned his head back.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

He’d run faster than he’d ever run before. The most traumatic event of his life had just driven him out of his home in a frenzy.

He could still hear his wife’s screams as she fought for her life, and the life of their yet unborn child. He hadn’t been allowed into the room, even.

The midwife said his presence there would get in the way, because things were going badly.

All he could do was sit in a chair, right outside her door, and listen to her screams of pain.

And then, the screams had stopped, and the gentle crying of a baby could be heard.

“Alena, hold on just a bit longer...! Get iced water, quick! And some towels!” He’d heard the midwife instruct an attendant.

He’d stood up, worried but relieved to hear the crying baby. It was breathing. They’d said it might be a still birth…

But why iced water? Was something wrong with Alena? His beautiful young wife, was she okay?

It was half an hour later that the midwife had opened the door slowly. She shook her head. Albert couldn’t believe his eyes. His wife, lying motionless in the bed, his child, a lovely daughter, still crying in the arms of an attendant.

He shook his head, slowly at first, gaining speed and backing up. “N-no… No, this can’t be…!”

He’d run out of the homely house then, through the night, rain threatening.

He didn’t know how long he’d been running when he ran into an old woman.

She’d gazed at him, and said in a soft voice, “Something troubles you, young man.”

He hadn’t been able to respond.

“I will grant you one wish, if it will make your look of trouble leave your young face,” she’d said.

He’d looked up at her, staring past her, it seemed.

If his daughter didn’t have a mother… who would love her?

“… Let my daughter be loved by everyone… Let her never be lonely…”

The witch looked into his heart, it seemed, and nodded. “As you wish,” she’d said, and left him.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

“Father, here you are.”

Albert opened his eyes again, and smiled again. “Thank you.” He took the pouch she offered to him, and took a quick swig from it. Much better.

“Papa?” Alena gazed at him inquisitively. She looked more and more like her mother with every year.

“Yes?” She had a question for him. He could always tell what his daughter was thinking.

“Um, I was wondering if I could go to town today and get some sugar… I wanted to make a cake.”

Albert smiled and nodded. “Go ahead, after lunch, then.”

Alena smiled so brightly that Albert’s heart was immediately warm.

An hour later, she was saddling up their horse, Mini. She mounted and waved goodbye to her father as she gently spoke to the horse. “Go, Mini,” and gently kicked her heels into the horse’s flanks.

She made her way into town at a slow walk, enjoying the scenery of the woods.

"Yaahhh!" She blinked, and looked ahead of her. She could see someone galloping recklessly toward her. Faster! I want to feel the wind!”

The horse was rapidly approaching Alena, and just before the horse and rider were about to pass her, the horse bucked and the rider was sent into the air. They landed a few meters from Alena and Mini, and the horse, now without rider, slowed to a halt and started to eat grass.

“Oh my!” Alena got herself down to the ground, and ran to the side of the fallen rider. “Sir, are you alright?”
Now that she was closer, she could see he was a young man, quite a handsome one. His eyes were closed, and he groaned a little.

“Ah, I’m okay…” Alena helped him to sit up, and proffered her own water pouch.

“A-ah, thanks, miss.” He looked at her, and blinked.

“Are you sure you’re alright? Can you stand, sir?”

“I think so,”
he said, accepting her aid in standing. “It’s just a few bruises….” He looked at her again and said, “What is your name, miss…?”

“Ah, I am Alena Sturn, daughter of Albert Sturn, the Smith that lives down the road.” She blushed as she realized she’d given so much more information than he’d asked for. “Ah, and you, sir…?”

“Joseph Horner… I’m... traveling through this area on my way to see my elderly grandmother....”
He smiled at her and wiped the dust and dirt off his clothes, now standing on his own.

“Ah. But how far away does your grandmother live? Will you make it by nightfall?”

Joseph thought for a moment, and shook his head. “Not unless I ride as fast as I just did…”

Alena immediately shook her head. “Oh, you mustn’t! You might fall again!”

Joseph smiled and said, “Thank you for worrying about my safety, Miss Sturn. Perhaps I should stop for today and let my scratches get better.” He really just wanted to see her some more… Her blue eyes were captivating… the brown waves in her hair looked like the softest cushion there ever was. “Do you know of a place nearby that I can stay for the night?”

Alena shook her head. “You will have to stay with one of the townspeople…” Her eyes lit up suddenly. “I could ask my father if you can stay in the guest cottage!” She led him with good intentions to her home. As they walked, she asked him questions about life outside of the town she lived in. She’d never been further than the outskirts of the small town.

Joseph told her about the town he lived in, about a day’s ride from where Alena lived. He told her about the things he’d seen on his way here, and the kind people he’d met, and the not so kind ones.

“I’m sure they had their reasons for turning you away…” Alena had said, frowning slightly.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

Albert looked from his daughter to the young man, and frowned. “I don’t have any strong objections…” He murmured. In all truth, he was worried his daughter would want to leave with the young man in the morning. That was the last thing he wanted.

Alena smiled brightly, and thanked her dad warmly. “I’ll show him to the cottage now,” she said, walking out the door. Joseph followed with a smile.

“Just be sure you know your place, young Joseph. I’ve got no doubt you’re a proper young man…” Albert said quietly before Joseph left.

The young man turned, smiled, and nodded. “Of course, sir,” he said politely, and ducked out the door.

After being shown to the cottage in the back, and putting his saddlebags on the bed in there, he walked with Alena back to Mini. She’d almost forgotten about the sugar.

“May I accompany you, Miss Sturn?” He was walking toward his own horse, a pretty white mare called Sophia. “I would much like to see more of the town I passed through so quickly.”

Alena smiled and nodded. “Papa, Joseph is coming with me to get the sugar!” She called out to her father, and mounted Mini.

Joseph smiled warmly and mounted Sophia beside Alena, and they headed out.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

“I’d like one of the ten pound bags of sugar, please,” Alena said to the man behind the stall’s counter. She wouldn’t need too much for the cake, so there would be some left over when she was done.

“What do you need sugar for, Miss Sturn?” Joseph stood next to her, gazing at the things the man had to sell.

“I’m making a cake today. It’s Papa’s birthday tomorrow.”

Joseph smiled and brightened up. “Then, I have to go find something to give him!” It could double as a birthday present and a gift of thanks for his hospitality. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, don’t leave without me!” With that, he ran off, and Alena smiled.

The man behind the sugar stall handed Alena the bag, and smiled down at her. “Is there anything else I can do for you, young Miss?”

She shook her head and smiled. “No thank you, sir. I’ll be going now,” and with that, she took the sugar to Mini, tied in the stable at the front of town.

The stall owner looked after her with a slight longing in his eyes.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

When five minutes had passed, Alena was found browsing a small jewelry stand. She was looking longingly at a small silver bracelet when a young man approached her. “Alena,” he called, holding up a bag.

“Ah, William,” Alena said with a smile as she recognized the face of the Baker’s son.

He handed her the bag. “A present for your old man,” he said. “The horseshoes he made for Bo are still good as new!”

Alena smiled, and took the bag gratefully. “Thank you very much! I’m sure my father will be very happy with this.”

“Say, you weren’t looking at that, were you?”
William pointed at the small bracelet.

“Oh, I know I could never afford it. I was just looking…” She still smiled, though.

William had the urge to purchase it for her. If he’d had the money, he would have in a flash. “I wish I had a little more to spend, I would have gotten it for you if you want it!”

Alena blushed and shook her head, “Oh, you mustn’t spend your hard earned money on me, William! You should buy something for yourself instead!”

William smiled again, and sighed. “If you say so, Alena. Gotta run! See you around!”

Alena smiled at his back, and turned back to the stall one last time.

The woman behind the counter looked at Alena, and smiled warmly. “Dear, if you like it so much, I think I could give it to you for less. How about the price of one tomato?”

Alena blushed and put up her hands. “Oh, no, I couldn’t take it for so little! It’s worth so much more!”

The woman smiled and picked it up, putting it on Alena’s wrist. “But it looks so lovely on you, dear. In fact, just take it,” she added with a smile again.

Alena’s smile was so bright and so guilty that the woman almost shed tears. As Alena thanked her many times, the woman wished she had a daughter like this girl.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

“Joseph, are you done?” Alena had found him looking through a fruit stall.

He looked over at her and smiled, nodding. “I was thinking, for that cake, if you put strawberries on top of it, it would be delicious.”

Alena smiled as she thought of the wonderful taste it would have. “That would be so lovely…! I think I might buy some, then!”

Joseph held up a container of fresh strawberries. “Already got some!”

Alena laughed, and thanked him for his forethought. “Papa will love them!”

They made their way to the horses, and packed the bags on Mini with the strawberries and sugar.

As they made their way back to Alena’s home, Joseph asked her questions about her life with her father.

“So, I didn’t see your mother at home. Is she visiting a friend in town?”

Alena shook her head. “No… it’s been just my father and me for my whole life. My mother died giving birth to me.“

“I-I’m sorry…! I didn’t know…”

Alena shook her head again, smiling. “No, it’s okay. Papa tells me stories about her, so I still feel like I’ve known her… And I know I’ll see her again some day, and we’ll be able to catch up on the missed time.”

Joseph smiled broadly. This girl sounded more and more like an angel. He was falling in love so fast; the age gap of four years seemed so insignificant. And really, his parents were ten years apart. Four years was not so much of a difference…. And she’s of marrying age now….. But what am I thinking after a few hours? Joseph just kept smiling and followed Alena back to her home.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

“Papa, I told you not to come into the kitchen until I was done!” Alena had to cover up the cake with a cloth as her father came in and sat down. Joseph laughed. He was at the sink, helping to wash some of the utensils Alena had used to make the cake.

She still had to decorate it with fresh strawberries…

“Oh, I forgot, bunny. Sorry.” Albert really just didn’t want to leave his daughter alone with the young man for too long. He’d heard too much laughing and giggling for his liking from outside. “I’ll only be here a moment.”

Alena sighed and rolled her eyes slightly, still smiling. “Papa, get out!” She still smiled and laughed as she helped him up and pushed him out of the room. “No peaking.”

She closed the door, and Albert sighed as he heard her laugh again, and a chuckle from Joseph. It made him feel out of the loop… his beloved daughter was going to leave him someday, and he couldn’t bare the thought. The laughter from the kitchen only fortified his unease.

Alena uncovered the cake again, and whispered, just in case her father was listening, “Joseph, get the strawberries!”

“Sure, sure, Alena.”

Neither of them had really noticed they’d called each other so informally. They were already like old acquaintances.

Alena took the package from him with a smile, and turned to the cake. The white frosting on it gleamed in the light coming in through the windows, and she put the first large strawberry in the center of the cake. As she started placing the red fruit around the cake, Joseph joined in next to her.

Alena smiled over at him in thanks for the help.

They placed strawberries in silence, until their hands bumped accidentally as they both reached for the same strawberry.

“Oh, sorry.” Alena backed her hand away. “Go ahead.”

Joseph smiled a little, and said, “Not a problem.” He took the strawberry and was about to place it on the cake when he realized the cake was full, and this was the last strawberry.

“Oh,” they both said as they realized, and laughed a little. “I think we need to pay a little more attention,” Joseph laughed, and looked at the strawberry in his hands. “Would you like it?” He held it out to Alena.

She looked down at the strawberry, and back up at Joseph, and smiled. “No, you bought them. You should have it,” she pushed his hand back toward him.

“But your father let me stay here for the night. You take it.” He held it right in front of her nose, and she couldn’t refuse it.

“Fine, I’ll eat it. But I wish there were two of them left…” She took a bite from the red fruit, and smiled. “It’s been so long since I ate a strawberry… Thank you, Joseph!”

He smiled and nodded. “My pleasure.”

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

Supper that night was different than normal.

There was an extra place setting, an extra face. There was more conversation in one way, less in another.

Albert ate his food glumly as his daughter and his guest chatted between bites, and laughed and smiled.

Alena looked over at her father, and tilted her head. “Papa, are you alright?” She had the look of a worried daughter in her eyes.

Albert looked up at her, smiled, and said, “Oh, I’m fine, bunny. I’ve finished though, so I’ll excuse myself.”

As much as he did not want to leave her with Joseph, he felt there was nothing else for him to do.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

The sun was now setting, and Alena was making sure the horses were comfortable for the night. She stroked Mini’s mane, and patted Sophia’s neck. The white mare gave a contented winy, and Alena smiled. Sophia seemed to enjoy this, and nuzzled Alena’s cheek.

“She likes you.” Joseph had been watching her silently, and walked into the barn.

Alena smiled, and patted the horse again. “A lot of animals seem to really like me…”

“I bet a lot of things really like you…”
Joseph said it too quietly for her to hear, and he shook his head slightly, smiling. “Anyways, I was going to take a stroll before it got too dark. Would you care to join me, Alena?” He did a slight bow and looked up at her with a smile.

“Of course, I love twilit strolls…” She smiled and they left the barn, heading down the road.

As they passed the gates, Albert frowned and turned away from the window.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from any beasts that dare to attack.” Joseph kicked at a stick in the road, as if it were one of those beasts.

Alena smiled. “I trust that you would, Joseph….” Almost without thinking, she slipped her arm through his.

Joseph looked down at the slim arm through his, and smiled. “My shoulder’s free too…” He said as he drew Alena closer to him.

Alena smiled, and rested her head gently on his shoulder.

They stayed like that for a while, walking and talking and enjoying each others' company, until Joseph stopped, and turned to face her.

“J-Joseph? Is something wrong?” Alena looked at him with concern.

He smiled, and laughed at himself, looking down. When he looked back up at her, he said, “Alena… come with me tomorrow…!” He looked around him, flustered. “I… I don’t know what it is about you… but ever since Sophia -uncharacteristically- bucked me at your feet… I’ve felt lighter than a feather. Better than I’ve ever felt. To be honest, I…” he looked down and shook his head. “To be honest, just yesterday I’d thought about giving up… on everything… I guess I can’t say I wasn’t trying to be too reckless…” When he looked up and saw Alena’s alarmed face, he shook his head and took her hands in his. “But not anymore…! The moment I saw your worried eyes, worried about me… I can’t truthfully say I’d ever been more hopeful…”

Alena gazed at his sincere eyes, and sighed. “Joseph….” She tightened her hands around his.

“Alena… I want to be with you, forever, or at least as long as our mortal lives will allow us to be…”

Alena had had confessions of love before… from many men, actually. But none of them had been like this. None of them had made her heart swell up like this. “Joseph…”

He lifted her hands close to his lips, and kissed them gently. Her face was not much further. It didn’t take much effort to lean in enough to kiss her. It would have taken more effort to keep from touching her.

Alena responded well to the kiss; she leaned into him, and held his hands tighter.

It was not long before she found herself giving in to instinct completely. Joseph knew he’d promised her father that he knew his place… but how could he fight it any longer?

He didn’t know how far they had gone, or where they were. All he knew was that the grass in that small clearing was soft, but that Alena’s skin on his was softer, brighter, warmer.

He felt guilty about it; tainting such a beautiful, pure being like Alena. But there was nothing he could do about the warm night air, or the scent of wild flowers around them, or the half moon shining down on them, illuminating Alena’s every feature for him to see.

And there was nothing in the world he wanted to hear more than Alena softly calling his name, or her heart beating fast, in time with his own.

It wasn’t until after, that he realized what he’d done. He lay in the grass, holding her hand and softly stroking her soft skin, when it hit him.

“I… I’m sorry, Alena….” He covered his eyes with his free hand, and sighed heavily.

Alena looked over at him. She had to admit that she felt so much less innocent than she’d been that morning, but she didn’t dislike it. “Joseph… Don’t be sorry…” She lifted their clasped hands and kissed the top of his hand.

“But what will we do?” It had been bothering him so much. “Your father must be wondering where we are… he’ll be furious with me… He won’t let me within a mile and a half of you when he finds out… and I can’t ask you to leave his side so suddenly.”

Alena sighed as well, looking up at the moon. “Father will not be happy… but if it’s for my happiness, I’m sure he will understand. He’s told me many times of the night I was born, and all he could think about was that I would never be loved, being motherless.” She sighed. “And I don’t have to leave him, really… We could live somewhere close…”

Joseph sighed again, and turned to face her. “Alena… I love you more than anything. I’m willing to do anything for us to be together…” He wrapped his arms around her to hold her close.

Alena turned so that her back was to his chest and their bodies curved to each other, and held onto his arms around her. She smiled, and said, “I love you too, Joseph…” It was only a few moments before she fell asleep.

Joseph only lasted a few more minutes, laying there in the clearing with her. As he dozed off to sleep, he had a bad feeling that tomorrow would bring trouble.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

Albert knocked on Alena’s door. “Alena, good night, dear.” He said it every night since she was born. And once she could speak, without fail, she would respond.

But her room was silent tonight.

Albert frowned, and a suspicious gleam entered his eyes as he made his way to the guesthouse behind the barn.

He knocked on the door, and called, “Joseph, are you in there? Alena?” It was silent in there as well, and he opened the door to make sure.

The room was empty.

They never came back…

The fear in his eyes, the fear of losing his beloved daughter to that young man, made his normally amiable features go hard and almost insane.


He took his jacket off its hook inside the door, and passed the gate into the road. He turned the way they’d gone, and started running, a lantern lighting his way.

Something deep down led him to that clearing he’d stumbled into long ago. He stopped short when he got there and saw his daughter, sleeping in the arms of the young guest in their house.

“No…” He mumbled, furious and depressed and frenzied. Joseph’s jacket covering the two of them stirred within the father such a storm…

He backed away from the clearing slowly, and started to run. He needed to tell someone… tell anyone…

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

“What?!” William, the baker’s son, was shocked, and angry. “He what…?!”

Albert frowned, and nodded. “He must have tricked her… or forced her…!” He –and any man he told his story to- could not believe that Alena would willingly do what she’d done.

William had a fire of sorts in his eyes. “But… I’ve told her I loved her…! She rejected me all those times…!” Albert looked up sharply. He hadn’t known of this.

“What?” He suddenly turned on the young man. “You what?”

William backed away slowly. “You say that as if confessing my love is synonymous with stealing her…!”

Albert shook his head. “But it is! No man can take her away from me…!”

Albert left the young man in a furry, to tell a different soul and gain their sympathy.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

The woman from the stall, who’d given Alena the bracelet, frowned, and looked at Albert sympathetically.

“He forced her, I just know it…!” Albert said, looking out the window.

Ellen Nikman tilted her head and said, “But she may truly love the young man… I know from experience that a young woman’s heart can be easily persuaded when in love. She may have wanted it just as much as he.” She for one was happy that the beautiful young woman had found a man she loved with all her heart. She couldn’t have been any happier if Alena was her own daughter.

Albert turned on her. “How can you say that?” He stood suddenly, and stormed toward the door. “You don’t know Alena! She would never do that of her own free will…!”

Ellen sighed and shook her head.

Shortly after Albert left, she looked out the window, and saw some of the men she knew well pacing outside, looking troubled, angry, depressed. She frowned slightly, wondering what could have them all looking that way… Even her husband seemed to be out of sorts as Albert told his story…

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

As Joseph and Alena slept in that clearing, something was brewing in the town. Many a young and old man’s heart was being shredded as they heard the story, and Albert’s was only getting worse, as he learned of more confessions made to his daughter, heard more stories against him.

Albert did not sleep all night. Instead he stayed at the edges of the clearing where his daughter slept, and brooded to himself.

He didn’t know, either, of the hearts in the town. Some were set on vengeance for their broken hearts, some were so depressed that they took their own lives… Wives learned of the feelings of lust their husbands had for another, younger, woman, and sent them out of the houses, but did not blame the beautiful young woman.

Everyone that had ever met Alena, male or female, loved her.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

As morning rays hit Joseph’s face, he blinked and breathed in heavily. The scent of Alena’s hair filled his senses, and he smiled, and hugged her tighter as he stretched his legs.

The motion woke the girl, and she turned to face Joseph. There was a slightly embarrassed red tint to her cheeks as she greeted him. “Good morning…”

Joseph’s smile became a quick frown as he realized they’d been out all night. He sat up suddenly, and rubbed his head. “We have to get back before your father wakes-”

But his sentence cut off as he spotted the very man in front of them, coming through the bushes. “There’s no need to rush now. It’s too late to hide the sin you’ve committed!” Albert’s eyes were red with the evidence of a sleepless night.

Joseph got in front of Alena, to shield her in case the man was angry enough not to be able to tell who she was. “Mr. Sturn, I love your daughter. Nothing you do will change that…”

Albert shook his head. “It doesn’t matter! No one is allowed to take Alena away from me!”

Alena, behind Joseph, shuddered. She’d never seen her father this way. “Papa… I love Joseph! Don’t do this!”

Albert put his head in his hands, and shook it. “No, no! I’ve raised you all on my own… You’re all I have left. If he takes you away from me I’ll just have to kill him…!”

Alena frowned, and the look of fear in her eyes pierced Albert’s heart. “You!” He turned on Joseph again. “You’ve turned my daughter against me! You’ve turned my Alena against me, haven’t you?!” In front of him, he saw his dead wife, not his daughter. “Alena, come back to me! I’ve always loved you, I always will!” He raised his fist to hit Joseph.

“No!” Alena slipped in front of Joseph.

Albert stood there, frozen. The red mark on Alena’s cheek made him break down and fall to the ground. “No….”

Joseph turned her toward him, so he could see her face. “Are you alright?”

She looked like she was about to cry, but she said, “Yes, I’m fine…”

Joseph frowned, and brought her into his arms. Looking over the top of her head at her father, he sighed, and frowned more. Now what…? The man’s initial rage seemed to have subsided into an unfathomably deep depression. He was on his knees, holding his head in his hand.

“Alena… my wife, now my daughter… I’m alone now…” Suddenly, he raised his head and cursed. “That cursed witch…! She knew this would happen, didn’t she…?!” The frenzied look in his eyes subsided again, and he fell silent.

Alena looked so troubled at seeing her father, the only family she’d ever had, in such a state. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to be with Joseph forever… but how could she leave her father in this state…?

She gripped Joseph’s shirt for a few moments, and then said, “Joseph… what should I do…?” She looked up at him with such a look of pain in her eyes that Joseph was at a loss for words.

“A-Alena… I don’t know…” He drew her in again, embracing her in his warm arms. “Whatever you think is right… I’ll agree to it. As long as it makes you happy…” He couldn’t stand the thought that he couldn’t be with the woman he loved, but the thought of her being unhappy with him was even more daunting.

Alena looked at him, and back at her father. She tried to smile. “Okay…”

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

Alena was kneeling by her father’s side, when Ellen Nikman burst into the clearing. Her eyes scanned the scene. Alena’s red cheek, Joseph standing behind her with his hand comfortingly on her back as she tried to speak to her father.

“Alena… the town… everyone’s… gone mad!” Already five villagers had been pronounced dead, whether their lives were taken by their own hands or those of a jealous young man or angry wife. Many more were seriously hurt.

Alena looked up at the woman. “Wh-what’s wrong with the village…?”

Ellen shook her head. “I have no idea… when they heard about… Joseph… everyone suddenly… snapped.”

Suddenly Albert moaned. “All mine…”

Alena looked at her father, and put her hand on his shoulder. “Papa… what are you saying?”

“The fault… it’s all mine… all my fault…” He looked down at the ground. “If I hadn’t made that wish…”

“Papa… what are you talking about?”

“On the night you were born… your mother died, so I was frantic and confused…”
Albert still looked to the ground, as if seeing that night replayed there. “I ran into the woods… to this spot, actually, and met a witch who said she would grant any one wish I had…”

Alena frowned, and looked at her father with concern.

“I wished for my daughter to be loved by everyone… I never anticipated it to be like this…!” He shook his head. “Even I have come to love you… too much… To the point where your happiness didn’t matter anymore…” He buried his face in his hands, ashamed. “It’s all my fault.”

Ellen looked from Alena to Albert to Joseph, and sighed. “What fools we’ve all been…” She sighed once again. “I even let myself get caught up in it all. What a shame. Waste of a perfectly good wish, too.” Suddenly her appearance changed, and there stood the same old woman Albert had stumbled upon 19 years ago on Alena’s birthday.

“Y-you…!” Albert stood, and backed away from the witch. “You were here, all along!”

The old woman shook her head, and sighed. “You don’t get it, do you?”

Albert froze, and looked on in confusion.

The witch continued. “When you came to me that night, I was in a slump as well. My magic couldn’t have worked. You brought this all on yourself. Your belief in the wish was the only thing that made this happen. Alena was naturally loved by those around her. It had nothing to do with the wish you made, but her natural beauty and amiable personality.”

Alena frowned, and looked from her father to the old woman in front of them.

The old woman knelt down next to Albert, and placed her hand on his other shoulder. “Be careful what you wish for.”

She stood up, and walked through the bushes. Joseph may have been imagining it, but she seemed to fade away as she reached the shadow of the trees.

<> . <> . <> . <> . <>

It wasn’t long before Albert moved. He decided to retire and live the life of a farmer, in a place with as little people as possible. He lived alone from that day on, living with the burden of guilt he bore. The death of those in his home village, the trouble caused within the social structure of his home was still his fault, in his eyes. His agitation at himself grew substantially.

The only thing that could make him feel at peace with himself was the visits from his daughter. She and Joseph had been married and moved to a small town nearby, and once a month, they visited Albert, bringing strawberries and the smiles that were so much needed for the aging man.

One day, when the two came by, they had news for Albert.

Seven months later, he sat outside a room in his daughter’s house, rocking back and forth in his seat. It didn’t sound like there was anything going wrong… They hadn’t told Joseph to leave yet.

Then the sound of a baby crying met his ears, and his daughter’s voice called out. “Papa… Come and see your grandson…”

Even the deaths of so many of his good friends from home could not make him feel down as he entered the room slowly, and held his grandson, and saw his daughter there, smiling and breathing.

. . . T H e . e N D . . .
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LOL already : D
Okay then |D
*goes to add more*
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"I bet a lot of things really like you…"
i bet hes teh witch D<

& i bet Albert ish all worried well, for one thing ,& then teh other bcuz maybe once he & his wife used to be at that clearing or something??

RANDOM assumptions while im reading XD
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and owo
He said that because he couldn't see how anyone could NOT like her... |D like "yer so amazin gurl"

But you dun like Joseph?? ;w;
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ay_bay_bay wrote:

"I bet a lot of things really like you…"
i bet hes teh witch D<

& i bet Albert ish all worried well, for one thing ,& then teh other bcuz maybe once he & his wife used to be at that clearing or something??

RANDOM assumptions while im reading XD

owo and that clearing is where he met the witch that granted his wish owo
Nothing to do with his wife |D
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well its SHORT, but the story in all looks LONG if yu scroll :3

& nope.
not really : D
like, if he said something like, "i wouldnt hurt you."
i woulda PFFFTEDD-D xD
you cant trust someone who says they wouldnt hurt you, cuz chances are they will |D


oh.. that makes since! XD
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I only have one more bit after this part written!!
I'll finish it tonight at latest >:D
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Papa be trippin too much. : D
good job, pops.
why not just go to the scene of it, and be like, "EY YA'LL! GET A ROOM!"

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: D
That's kinda the whole point |D
that's where the sad part comes in D:
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♥ IT <3
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omg kokocock XDDD
I would soooo not be surprised if that were the case =w=
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