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Post Reply Don't get why it call "Durarara" :/
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Posted 10/3/14 , edited 10/3/14
Well since it's official that the name is completely random, every theory is superfluos isn't it?

Anyways, I would have said that "Baccano" comes from the japanese word "baka" which means "Idiot" - only written in italian style, because... well... it's all mafia style isn't it, even though it plays in the USA.
The word "Dura" is russian for "Idiot" (female version tho) and it would even make sense, because Simon is Russian ...
I don't know makes sense to me

Anyone with me? XD
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Posted 6/8/16 , edited 6/8/16
Well, when you think about it, and I just came across this thread, with the series being named after a sound made by pages being flipped, one could say 'its the story of lives flipped page by page...' which essentially to me makes sense!

And on and on... endless sounds like lives, in a city, sounds of a crowd, sounds of a motorbike... etc.
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