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Hi their im Anna but i like to be called mizu because i love that name. <3 I'm 12 years old of course. i act like im older but im not im a tween.A tween is a 10-12 year old. we don't like to be called kids! ok so anyway.....What i like to do is on CR and listens and sing to music! music is my life! if we didn't have music i would be gone D: and i mean it!

freebies... go ahead take them!

my best friends which are in my CR family xD
TypicalSmiles Metalic_Rose Kawaii-jacob lazyfox Gurly56

My places you we see me in...almost all of them are what help me in aviis
Heartless Operations Black en White Deviant Order Silent Dreams CR GFX helpers Nightshade Academy Gakuen AvatarDestiny Calls CR GFX people
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Some place

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In Yamamoto's Pan...
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Bwahaha this is epicc :]]
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