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Posted 6/22/10 , edited 6/23/10
lets play would you rather! please keep it under pg13!

if you dont know how to play would you rather all you have to do is ask a would you rather question heres a example
"would you rather eat a whole stick of butter or drink a whole bottle of hot sauce?" then another person will pick one then he or she will ask a would u rather question got it?
okay i'll start

Would u rather let your mom read your mind or your crush?
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My crush ( sometimes I don't think things my mom would like to hear)

Would you rather kiss a cow or drink a gallon of swamp water?
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lol kiss a cow u dont know what the swamp waters mixed with or what has been in there (........u can think about whats been in there XD)

jump off the empire state building or jump out of a airplane
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