just wanted to point out the arc with little garden was so stupid
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Posted 6/23/10 , edited 6/23/10
*spoiler alert obviously but if you wanna read it and skip the arc by all means go for it*

anyways that arc got me so frustrated. It was just so much full of crap. First off the giant puts a god dam island on luffy and he doesnt break it yet he breaks every other unimaginable thing you can think of so he gets owned by some trash aka no.9. Then everyone gets caught in no.3's stupid wax and start turning into "art" when really, everyone would prob. just kill them right then and there. Then luffy magically comes in without an explanation of hooow he got from underneath an island to the battlefield. What really pissed me off was when they were talking about the duration of time it took before everyone turned into wax. For instance, zoro pointed out they could only endure a minute longer before they would all turn to wax, yet the entire episode magically continues on for that duration of a minute which is just plain ridiculous. Then when they do turn into wax no.3 points out that they can only be in there for 30 more secs, or they'll die. Again, the entire episode feautures on that 30 sec. I REALLY HATE THIS KIND OF THING. And i have no idea why they didnt decide to add sanji but ok, whatever. And the kid who drew manipulating paint symbols did it like 3 times to luffy. You'd think after 1 time its more than enough even for an airhead, shes right there, and with one punch shes cold out. i really dont know, this arc is so stupid. like im done with this series. 500+ episodes? fuck it. Im only on the 77th episode and its already turned stupid. If they make episodes where death is suppose to come around in like 1 minute yet they make an entire episode based on taht minute then its come to the point where i decided tahtt the writer is really, really retarded.

start your flaming idc. this series is dumb.
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